INTERTEC’s cabinet manufacturing capability is very diverse, and includes standard and custom designs. Two standard cabinet ranges are available for light or medium-duty applications in free-standing or wall-mounted forms. Design choices include cable entry via the bottom or rear, high load-bearing designs, special floor materials and construction such as lipped edges for leak-resistance, underground vaults, etc.

We can make shelters of almost any size, using continuous sheeting for anti-leak integrity. Special sandwich construction techniques are employed for strength. This also provides the means of adapting the structures for specific protection needs such as fire resistance or extreme thermal insulation.

The cabinets and shelters are fabricated from a special high-performance grade of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP). This fire-resistant material is very stable, almost immune to damage from chemical and petrochemical media, and has strength that almost matches stainless-steel for just a quarter of the weight.

IP65 protection comes as standard, other options available include fire-resistance, extreme thermal protection (for ultra-hot or cold locations), explosion-proof, mechanical impact protection, frangibility (for airport applications), etc. INTERTEC’s accessory range provides the means to create application-specific solutions easily and cost-effectively.

Options include heaters with ATEX, CSA, IECEx or TRCU-Ex approvals meeting temperature classes for different voltages, wattages and profiles. Other choices include passive coolers, air conditioners, windows, mounting systems, vents, drains, sunshades, etc. We also offer a range of safety-related products including showers / eyewashes, fire extinguisher boxes, fire shelters, sample coolers, switch protectors, and Ex air-conditioned housings for video surveillance systems.