COLDUR-A® is a high-copper alloy that is renowned for its combination of strength, corrosion resistance and formability and for its attractive colour. Known as a high-silicon bronze, COLDUR-A is renowned as being one of the easiest of all copper alloys to fabricate, by a wide range of techniques, and is readily formable by both hot and cold methods. It offers excellent forming characteristics, combined with an attractive rich, reddish old gold colouration that makes the alloy highly desirable for many architectural and decorative applications.

Its strength and corrosion resistance ensure it is suitable for many other applications, from architectural metalwork and marine hardware to electrical components and chemical engineering. Small additions of silicon and manganese to the copper enhance the overall corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of the alloy without any detrimental effect on the workability of the material.

The alloy is used extensively in architectural applications and is a favourite medium for many sculptors. In addition, COLDUR-A finds numerous uses in chemical and process plant and water storage systems, as well as for fasteners and many other general engineering applications.

Related specification: C65500.