contraflame underside

ContraFlame® is a range of passive fire protection from Advanced Insulation based on unique phenolic, syntactic foam and a phenolic glass laminate, which combine to form a solution that protects vital equipment on an offshore topside structure.

The range includes two major products that can be applied to a range of applications, including under decks, bulkheads, vessels, pipes, risers and can be prefabricated into enclosures for riser clamps, ESDVs or flanges.

The first, ContraFlame® C50, comprises of a syntactic phenolic foam and phenolic laminate topcoat, which provides jet fire passive fire protection for up to 120 minutes (JF120) and hydrocarbon pool fire passive fire protection up to 180 minutes (H180).

It can protect against blast over pressure of up to 4.2bar and is tolerant to temperatures as low as -196°C and as high as 185°C.

This system is backed by more than 15 years of research, testing and field experience.

The second, ContraFlame® MS400, is an award-winning, lightweight phenolic foam panel system from Advanced Insulation, which is used to provide significant weight savings to the topside of an offshore structure.

As MS400 panels are easy to cut and shape, they can be applied in locations that other solutions are too large for, saving the space for other equipment.

The system is designed to mechanically lock in place using a bonded dry-fit system, removing the need for welding. Its life in the field is extended by using the GRP laminate that helps protect the material and prevent impact, water ingress and corrosion under insulation.

As the lightest solution offering combined thermal insulation and fire protection in the world, MS400 has saved tens of millions of pounds for operators worldwide.

It is typically supplied in 1m x 1m panels, bonded to a structure using a high-performance adhesive and is protected by a seamless laminate material.

contraflameContraFlame® has the least CUI risk of any comparable product on the market, while boasting a potential weight saving of up to 80% in comparison to traditional methods.

Certified by Lloyd’s Register, DNV and ABS, ContraFlame® is used across a broad range of industries, including offshore and onshore oil and gas applications, defence, marine and LNG.

ContraFlame® is used to protect a large range of equipment, including heat exchangers, vessels, saddles and skirts, welding nodes, risers and can be pre-formed into enclosures and half shells for use on piping, valves and flanges.

It has a higher temperature range than other materials on the market, providing protection for cryogenic spill applications and elevated operating temperatures compared with intumescent type materials.

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