advanced insulation

Advanced Insulation is a leading manufacturer of innovative topside and subsea insulation, Passive Fire Protection (PFP), Cryogenic Spill Protection (CSP), fire and blast walls, buoyancy and cable protection systems for a range of industries.

The company offers a range of products designed, engineered and manufactured to enhance the safety and efficiency of clients’ operations worldwide.

Fire protection solutions for harsh offshore environments

The ContraFlame® product range provides vital insulation and passive fire protection for offshore equipment in and outside of the splash zone.

The company’s innovative C50 and MS400 products are fabricated from a unique phenolic syntactic foam that enables them to deliver the required protection at a significantly lighter weight than comparable solutions.

Advanced Insulation’s ContraBlast system is a lightweight alternative to conventional steel blast-proof wall solutions, and can be supplied in either H120 or JF120 fire rating configurations.
Our ContraFlame C50 material is a durable and highly versatile composite solution that delivers greater tolerance to service temperatures and flame exposure than other passive fire protection (PFP) systems.
Advanced Insulation’s ContraFlame C50 material is commonly used as a smoothing putty under decking structures in order to provide thermal insulation and PFP in adverse conditions.
Our range of ContraFlex flexible insulation jackets are the ideal solution for protecting a variety of pipes, valves, and processing equipment.
Our customisable ContraFlex jackets have been extensively field-tested and are designed in accordance with DNV, ABS and Lloyd’s Register product standards.
Advanced Insulation’s extensive range of flexible, heavy-duty riser protection solutions can be moulded directly onto the existing pipework and have been specially optimised for use in wet and tidal zones.
Our specialist Manuplas division offers a comprehensive catalogue of subsea buoyancy products, including cable protection systems, umbilical floats, and modular installation buoys.
Our marine buoys are coated with robust, wear-resistant polyurethane elastomer fabric to ensure high-quality, long-lasting protection in critical offshore environments.
Our powerful ContraTherm solutions are engineered to withstand the harshest offshore environments, and have been proven to boost marine flow assurance by mitigating the formation of wax deposits and hydrate plugs.
Advanced Insulation’s cutting-edge ContraFlame PFP solution is made from a unique composite of phenolic syntactic foam and glass-reinforced laminate, and is able to deliver powerful protection from jet fire exposure for up to 120 minutes.

ContraFlame® MS400 is a lightweight panel used to insulate and provide H120 passive fire protection to the underdeck of an offshore facility. The dry-fit system is seamlessly sealed with a D2004 laminate and is up to 80% lighter than comparable solutions, which has provided savings of over £10m in topside weight to a single structure.

ContraFlame® C50 protects rigid structures on an offshore facility, such as piping, actuators, risers and separators. It provides jet fire protection for 120 minutes, hydrocarbon protection for 180 minutes and tolerances temperatures as high as 185°C and as low as -196°C. C50 can be hand applied or prefabricated into different forms such as enclosures or jet fire deflectors.

In addition, the ContraFlame® C20 Flexible Joint is constructed of a silicone-based technology that has been developed to deliver fire protection, vibration dampening and between structures.

Subsea insulation and buoyancy protection for offshore assets

ContraTherm® C25 and C55 provide resilient subsea insulation for a range of rigid, complex and dynamic oil field production equipment, that aids the flow assurance of oil being extracted from the seabed.

ContraTherm® C25 is a silicone based material engineered into a high temperature subsea insulation which allows for flexure of complex equipment due to its high-pressure environment at 3000m deep.

For more rigid structures, ContraTherm® C55 is a phenolic-based material that can be applied to less dynamic applications such as Xmas tress, manifolds, supported jumpers and pipeline end terminations. It can either be wet-applied or moulded into a pre-design such as an enclosure dependant on requirement.

Advanced Insulation also provides an extensive catalogue of robust buoyancy, floatation and subsea safeguarding and fendering systems via its product brand, Manuplas®, to address its clients’ offshore protection requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

The Manuplas® products range includes surface buoys, sub-surface buoyancy solutions and marine protection products such as pipe-laying and umbilical floats, modular subsea mooring buoys and distributed buoyancy modules.

Removable insulation and passive fire protection jackets of a modular design

ContraFlex® flexible jackets provide bespoke passive fire protection and insulation for an extensive range of offshore infrastructure, FLNG carriers and industrial environments, as well as petrochemical and nuclear facilities.

The systems are supplied in two main variants, passive fire protection jackets and insulation jackets. Both feature a detachable, modular design for areas that require frequent access for maintenance and inspection.

ContraFlex® manufacture the most proven PFP jackets currently available on the market, each providing resistance to blast overpressures up to 2.15bar and jet fire and hydrocarbon pool fire protection for up to 180 minutes at a time.

Its insulation range includes products optimised for thermal or acoustic insulation, heat tracing and leak detection, as well as solutions designed for robust and dependable protection against extreme temperatures of up to 1,100°C.

ContraFlex® flexible jackets are utilised globally on a range of applications from piping, flanges, valves, actuators and vessels to components such as saddles and manway covers.

Advanced Insulation can advise on different infills, thicknesses and features, such as drain plugs and fixings depending on customers’ specific requirements.

Fire and blast resistant walls for offshore environments

Further offshore infrastructure protection can be provided by the ContraBlast® lightweight blast and fire wall developed to provide a fast-fit panel solution for blasts of up to 1.5bar.

This impact-resistant wall comes in numerous thicknesses suited for different blast requirements; it is simple to install and has been specially designed for deployment in any environment that requires blast and fire protection, from offshore escape tunnels and stair towers to other retro-fit structures.

The lightweight, pre-moulded solution is manufactured from Advanced Insulation’s award-winning ContraFlame® MS400 material and is proven to reduce topside weight by up to 60% compared to traditional steel blast walls.

Combined passive fire protection and cryogenic spill protection for the LNG sector

Moving into the LNG sector, the company’s unique ContraSpill® solution delivers combined cryogenic spill (CSP) and PFP for an array of LNG facilities such as impoundment basins and trenches, FLNG / FSRU ship decks, jetties and associated areas.

Where comparable solutions have been known to fail under the stress of impact from scaffolding and even general footfall, ContraSpill® provides a unique solution that not only provides jet fire protection for 120 minutes and cryogenic spill protection for 60 minutes, but also provides protection up to 4.2bar.

The system safeguards against the potential ramifications of a spill of LNG, reducing boil off to preserve the valuable gas being transported.

About Advanced Insulation

Advanced Insulation benefits from the input of personnel with many different areas of industry expertise, including research and development, chemistry, design and project engineers, and a dedicated production management crew.

The company also possesses a global sales and marketing team who can assist their clients in choosing the optimum solution for their project requirements.

The combination of their unique knowledge and experience allows the company to identify potential challenges and solve key issues in several industries, with a focus on the oil and gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewables markets.

The company’s products and services are utilised worldwide by a variety of major oil and gas companies, including Total, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Samsung, BP, Statoil, ONGC, ENI Woodside, ExxonMobil, Repsol Sinopec, in addition to several engineering and fabrication contractors.