ContraFlex® is a product range of removable passive fire protection and insulation jackets from Advanced Insulation for multiple industry requirements and applications.

The range is utilised globally for passive fire protection, heat conservation or high temperature insulation, trace heating, acoustic and leak detection, which are typically applied to piping, flanges, valves, actuators, process equipment, vessels, saddles and manway covers that require frequent maintenance access.

ContraFlex® Insulation jackets protect equipment and personnel across a range of industries, from the rigours of offshore oil and gas to petrochemical plants, defence, marine, LNG, Food and Beverages (F&B), and other industrial plant rooms, including in schools and hospitals.

contraflex on towerThe product range is designed to improve process in accordance with health and safety or process guidelines, whilst providing energy savings and return on investment.

ContraFlex® jackets can be applied to any new-build application, or retrofitted as a replacement or enhancement for existing plants.

PFP Jackets:

Advanced Insulation designs, manufactures and installs ContraFlex® Passive Fire Protection (PFP) jackets to protect assets, maintain structural integrity and safeguard personnel working in challenging environments.

Thermal Insulation:

Advanced Insulation have a dedicated team of surveyors qualified to measure dimensional and heat loss information from valves, flanges and other plant room equipment.

This information can be fed back to a unique heat loss survey program in order to calculate the expected savings in both CO2 and energy costs.

High Temperature Insulation:

ContraFlex® High Temperature Insulation jackets are utilised where application operating temperatures are anywhere up to 1,100°C.

Hot surfaces dissipate heat quickly, so it is important to maintain equipment temperatures, as well as protect personnel from potentially harmful burns.

Acoustic Insulation:

ContraFlex® Acoustic insulation jackets are available where sound reduction is required to improve site working conditions, by reducing noise and vibration across structures.

Trace Heating:

ContraFlex® Trace Heating jackets provide a solution for flow assurance, to prevent the formation of waxes or crystallisation.

ContraFlex® Trace Heating jackets are fitted with a trace-heated cable and a thermostat or regulator for quick and easy removal and re-installation.

contraflex on pipes

Leak Detection:

ContraFlex® Leak Detection jackets come in four main configurations depending on the reagent type.

ContraFlex® Leak detection jackets provide personnel protection in the form of a spray shield, whilst providing an indication of the type of fluid within the contained leak.

Leak detection jackets can be provided with thermal insulation where necessary.

Specialist Technical Jackets:

ContraFlex® prides itself on being a bespoke product for any type of industrial application.

Specialist Technical jackets have been supplied for a number of applications, including hydraulic line protection, vehicle insulation and protection, generator exhausts, boilers and many more.

As a bespoke service, Advanced Insulation survey, design, manufacture and install its ContraFlex® range to meet the specified requirements of a project.

Certified by Lloyd’s Register, DNV and ABS for its fire protection capabilities, ContraFlex® jackets have been tested according to NORSOK R-004, ISO 22899-1:2007 and UL 1709 standards.

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