Since ever the Würth Group was inventing and thinking about new solutions to improve procurement processes within C-parts management for customers. Vending is a topic that fits into this strategy due to the improvement and reduction of purchasing steps and issuing of products.

The strategic advantage of vending is the registration and identification of all transactions by employee and time. Therefore, customers exceed up to 30% of usage reduction of MRO products and an increase of productivity. Beside the financial benefits of reduced transaction costs, another advantage is the availability of vending machines -24/7. Vending is flexible, which means that compartments in a vending machine can be adjusted to the current consumption record and to customer requirements.

Würth is able to cover the full range of vending options. Over the last few years, Würth Industrie Service developed an own solution, the ORSY®mat covering standard customer requirements. If customers and/or markets request further functions, Würth cooperates with the partner CribMaster. CribMaster offers a variety of more than 14 different vending machines and has a market experience of more than 20 years.

Even the delicate situation of data abuse can be neglected as the whole customer data is stored on a Würth-owned database.