The Wuerth Group

Whether you are looking for high-quality fasteners, maintenance, repair and operations consumables (MRO) or integrated supply solutions such as the vendor managed inventory (VMI) technology, the Würth Group can provide you with the right solution.

Würth can develop customized solutions and services to suit your bespoke requirements, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of process optimization measures for more efficiency. Having a global footprint, the Würth Group realizes a closeness to the customer which enables a service provider to support and improve your productivity.

Production competence: large diameter high-tensile bolts and offshore containers

As a specialist in in-house manufacturing of large diameter and high-tensile bolts ranging from M12 -M100, Dokka Fasteners provides fully certified and traceable products via batch coding.

Storing semi-finished products allows a fast reaction for immediate dispatch. The fully automated production ensures a product portfolio of Derrick assembly bolts, BOP & production riser bolts. Dedicated to meeting customer requirements, the Würth Group offers highest quality products.

The Wuerth Group produces large-diameter, high-tensile bolts with sizes ranging between M12 and M100.
The company’s mobile offshore container solutions are customised to the client’s needs and place of installation.
The Wuerth Group designs inventory management solutions for high productivity.
Maximum process reliability through transparent inventory overview and control of the company’s C-Parts solution.
Innovative Kanban systems and the latest iBin® technology ensure maximum process reliability.
More than 1,500 branches in 47 countries help the Wuerth Group to quickly react to its clients’ needs.

Mobile Offshore container solutions are customized to the needs of the target group and the place of installation. Rebuild and equipped as a mobile workshop, office or even as a recreation area, the whole planning of a container is characterized by a high flexibility.

Customized and complete integrated inventory management solutions

The leading experts in supply solutions for the Oil & Gas industry of the Würth Group implement customized inventory management solutions.

From vending machines such as CribMaster to RFID technology, weigh-scale programs, barcode scanning and pro-active on-site inventory management programs, the focus is always on customer productivity.

Measurable cost savings, value-added activities and improved service levels are further benefits realizing an increase of efficiency.

Core competence: optimization of process costs by offering a one-stop solution

Combining vending expertise with the focus on integrated supply services, the Würth Group always focuses on cost savings by optimizing processes.

From simple Kanban supply of materials to complete embedded supply solutions, we tailor our services to include consignment stock management and the latest VMI technology.

Together with our cost-saving initiatives, product rationalization, invoice consolidation and accurate management reporting a reduction of transaction costs and many other financial benefits can be realized.

Customized C-parts solutions: maximum process reliability and availability

Würth Industry offers customized supply and service concepts under the service brand name ‘CPS® – C-Parts Solutions’.

CPS includes storage and retrieval systems, warehousing, re-stocking and ordering systems, as well as consumption-controlled supply modules such as Kanban and returnable bin systems.

Customers benefit from direct deliveries to their point of use according to their individual needs.

Transparency in Kanban processes with CPS®Online

Innovative Kanban systems with patented bins and RFID technology provide a complete tailor-made solution and ensure maximum process reliability through transparent inventory overview and control.

The CPS®ONLINE platform enables a central online control point within the C-Parts management system where bin movements are analyzed and documented in real-time.

Customers can query the status of their own system at any time and wherever they are. The latest iBin® technology: The quantity, number and ordering information for the item can be obtained at bin level via the built-in camera; this is then transmitted to the ERP system automatically.

Top performance for more efficiency: the Würth Group

the Würth Group is a world market leader in its core business, the trade in assembly and fastening materials. With its Oil & Gas specialists among the group’s 400+ companies in more than 80 countries, the Würth Group generated total sales of €10.12bn in the business year 2014.

Combining the expertise of those group specialists with the sales team of 30,000, customers are advised in the best way by offering optimal services and product solutions – customized to their needs. Being able to react to the needs of the customers in a short time, we realize a superior customer service. Our Oil & Gas specialists become a member of the customer’s team, working for the customer and doing whatever it takes to make the business run smoothly and more profitably.

Covering more than 100,000 products in the core business: from screws, screw accessories and anchors to tools, chemical-technical products, engineering consumables, MRO and PPE – the Würth Group is the right partner for the Oil & Gas business.