Diesel Driven Air Compressor

Equipment Description

  • Equipment Name: Diesel Driven All Compressor-Zone
  • Manufacturer: VG Offshore Containers Int.
  • Model: Vayu
  • Sound Proof Enclosure: Yes, 85d at 1m
  • Rating (scfm): 185scfm to 1,600scfm
  • Rating (spig): 110 psi to 175 psi
  • Engine Make: JCB/CAT/Cummins
  • Starting kit: Spring Starter/ FlectrIc Starter/ Air Starter /Hydraulic Starter

Hazardous Area Rating

  • Zone: 2
  • Gas Group: IIA
  • Temperature Class: T31 (less than 200°C)

Operator Panel Instrumentation

  • Coolant temp. gauge: Yes
  • Exhaust temp. gauge: Yes
  • Lube oil gauge: Yes
  • RPM Meter: Yes

Fire Protection

  • Passive: Continuous Steel Construction; Penetration via A60 MCI, Inlet/ outlet shutoff dampers
  • Active: Fixed fire extinguishing system (Optional)

Fire & Gas / ESD (optional)

  • Gas detector: Yes (Nr Intake)
  • Flame detector: Yes (Inside enclosure)
  • ESD (local): Yes, Hand Switch
  • ESO (remote) Yes, 24Vdc

Visual and Audible Alarms (Optional)

  • Flame Detection Yes (Local/remote)
  • Gas Detection Yes (remote)

Global Compliance

  • DNV 27-1 / BS EN12079: Yes
  • DNV 27-2:2013: Yes
  • IECEx: Yes (Equipment level)
  • ATEX: Yes (Equipment level)

Hook-up Details

  • F&G/ESD Interface: Junction Box (FJM)
  • Air Outlets: 20A (0.75in) x 2pcs

Engine Safety Systems

  • Control System: Electrical / Electro-Pneumatic/ Hydraulic / Pneumatic
  • Over speed Control: Yes
  • Exhaust Temp Control: Yes
  • Low level Oil Control: Yes
  • Coolant Temp Control: Yes