Tetraflex dispatcher

The TetraFlex® Dispatcher provides features for increased efficiency in organisations managing a fleet of subscribers with the needs of command, control and monitoring of radio communications.


With simplicity as the key for all products developed by DAMM, the TetraFlex Dispatcher is exclusively tailored to the TetraFlex Infrastructure system. This allows clients to be instantly up running with dispatcher functionalities.

Efficient operation

With the TetraFlex Dispatcher the operator can set-up and monitor any individual, group and broadcast calls and perform discrete and ambience listening. The TetraFlex Dispatcher is able to handle the entire fleet of subscribers and monitor up to 32 voice streams at the same time with simultaneous voice and data messages.

User-friendly interface

Dispatcher functionalities are easily accessed through the multilingual user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface, without needs of extensive training programmes for operators.

GPS tracking

The TetraFlex Dispatcher offers GPS-based tracking of subscribers on maps providing the operator an easy overview of his fleet. The GPS function also displays speed and direction of the GPS subscriber and provides GPS positioning history.

Critical communications

To ensure the constant reliability and control of critical communications, the TetraFlex Dispatcher offers instant voice call status and history, instant display of infrastructure node alarms, as well as DGNA history of individual subscribers and groups.


The TetraFlex Dispatcher is installed directly on a separate PC and one or several dispatchers can operate from any convenient location connected to the TetraFlex Infrastructure via the IP backbone.