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TETRA Communication Solutions for Offshore Operations

DAMM Cellular Systems specialises in reliable, rugged and easily scalable TETRA communication systems.

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Damm Cellular Systems

DAMM Cellular Systems specialises in reliable, rugged and easily scalable TETRA communication systems. The company has more than 30 years’ experience in providing professional radio communications for a vast range of mission-critical applications.

DAMM’s tried-and-tested systems have consistently proven themselves to be 100% reliable in the world’s most demanding environments, making them ideal for oil and gas operations.

Specialised offshore sector communications

Through cooperation with major offshore companies worldwide, DAMM understands the critical importance of operational efficiency and fail-safe voice and data communications within the offshore industry.

TetraFlex® provides fast and instant voice and data communication, whether the client requires security, logistics or operational coordination, alarm handling from the manufacturing site or worker safety.

DAMM offers a TETRA system based on decentralised architecture, allowing clients to scale-up, scale-down and move around at their preferred speed.
The TetraFlex compact and ruggedised outdoor base station is designed to be mounted on top of the mast, close to the antenna, eliminating feeder loss and lowering cost of installation.
The TetraFlex high-capacity base station is available for indoor applications.
TetraFlex Dispatcher with graphical user interface provides a range of features, including phonebook display, DGNA, individual and group calls, monitoring of all active calls, and send and receive SDS.
TetraFlex Voice and Data Log System allows full voice recording and data logging and keeps statistics on operational performance.
TetraFlex Packet Data Gateway supports IP communication between TETRA mobiles and attached units, such as laptops, application servers, workstations, FTP / WAP servers, anywhere in the IP network.
TetraFlex Voice Gateway performs connectivity to voice communication via external PBX/Gatekeeper using SIP protocol.
TetraFlex Application Programming Interface allows software development and connectivity for third party applications such as alarms, dispatching and AVL solutions.
TetraFlex Group Bridge enables to perform group calls between any independent TETRA or analogue networks, creating valuable interoperability between many different systems.
TetraFlex Android, iOS and Windows Client is a vendor-independent soft terminal, fulfilling the needs for non-critical voice and data communication via Wi-Fi, WiMax, UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G) networks.

Solutions for increased efficiency and staff safety

DAMM’s solutions secure daily operations and keep teams coordinated with highly flexible voice communication services, such as individual calls, group calls, telephone (PABX) and emergency calls with crystal-clear voice quality, even in noisy environments.

They also increase efficiency with the TETRA data service, for example, as a technical alarm dispatching to company radios, as well as optimise worker safety in remote areas with mandown functionality and direct alarms to emergency units.

Key TetraFlex offshore communications features include:

  • 100% reliability: redundancy, fail-safe and back-ups
  • Seamless scalability as demands grow
  • Easy set-up and transition from existing systems
  • Low-power consumption allowing solar powering
  • Own GIS map upload to dispatcher
  • Remote management capabilities
  • Designed for adverse environments
  • Simultaneous voice and data communications
  • High-security and encryption level

Installation designed for offshore requirements

The compact, ruggedised and IP65-encapsulated TetraFlex Outdoor Base Station is designed for outdoor installations in harsh offshore environments, placed directly in masts even under extreme temperature and humidity conditions. This provides an optimised coverage area and low-installation costs.

Extra flexibility to the network is added by efficient weatherproofing, enabling owners to combine indoor and outdoor base stations in the same network.

Uninterrupted data and communications connectivity

100% uptime is guaranteed through full redundancy of components and critical system information, as well as by the system’s intelligent distributed network architecture.

Information is replicated to all sites in the network constantly, which allows call and data traffic to continue uninterrupted in case one or more sites lose connection.

Comprehensive telecommunications coverage and range

The fully IP-based technology used by TetraFlex digital voice and data communications solutions creates integrated communications across multiple offshore sites, logistics facilities and centralised administration.

This enhances both efficiency and personnel safety, as well as provides full flexibility to site and capacity expansions, even during operation.

Easy-to-use radio user coordination

Via the TetraFlex system, user-defined groups and staff teams can be easily identified and coordinated. Individual private calls, group calls, telephony communications (PSTN) and more are supported by highly flexible voice communication services. For emergency incidents, the system provides emergency calls, mandown facilities and override functions.

Reliable data communications and monitoring solutions

TetraFlex data services provide data for monitoring GPS personnel locations, and are also used, for example, for geo-fencing work areas, alerting the site dispatcher if something or someone moves into danger zones.

It also enables SCADA and telemetry data to be used for reporting alarms and failures, or collecting data to improve operational performance.

Embedded software applications for increased operational performance

With the intuitive TetraFlex dispatcher solution, all users can be easily dispatched by the operational centres.

TetraFlex also provides a complete voice and data recording and replay facility, enabling effortless incident reconstructions and gathering valuable statistics on operational performance.

Unlimited third-party application integration

TetraFlex is supplied with an easily accessible application programming interface (API) that allows straightforward development and integration of customer-designed applications.

DAMM solutions and support are available worldwide through an exclusive network of partners.

White Papers

  • The Power of True Scalability

    DAMM TetraFlex® Systems have been specifically designed to adapt or grow with you, without incurring major additional infrastructure costs. This increases functional efficiency while significantly reducing both operational costs and total cost of ownership.

  • TetraFlex for Oil & Gas

    DAMM Cellular Systems A/S is a world leader in reliable, rugged and easily scalable TETRA communication systems.

  • TOTAL Migrates to Digital with DAMM TetraFlex

    TOTAL Antwerpen has more than 1,300 radio users every day, and approximately 70 groups, and with more than 60,000 calls every day the need for secure, reliable radio communication was essential. The challenge was to succesfully migrate from an analogue to a digital solution providing secure radio communication in mission critical situations.

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