INTERTEC offers a wide range of standard enclosure styles for the environmental protection of field-based process instrumentation.

The customer is free to select from six different designs, with several standard sizes available to match the enclosure to the application. All INTERTEC enclosures feature a two-part design with hinges on their edge(s) and a diagonal or vertical opening, to provide a highly ergonomic and self-contained field protection solution.

A very broad range of accessories, such as windows, C-rails, wall supports and pipe stands, is available to optimize the enclosure for the speciifc application and location.

The GRP material that INTERTEC uses for its enclosures has multiple advantages for plant designers seeking to protect field instrumentation against environmental effects, especially for long lifecycle applications and where harsh media or severe local climatic conditions might be encountered. GRP is inherently inert and immune to damage from most common chemicals and petrochemicals.

It has a similar strength to steel, but weighs some four times less, and will not corrode in the presence of salt, which is why it is increasingly becoming the enclosure material of choice for offshore and coastal oil and gas applications. GRP is also fire retardant and has very low thermal conductivity.

For applications in extremely cold regions (up to -60°C), INTERTEC enclosures are available in an ‘Arctic’ version, with polyurethane (PU) foam insulation. A sandwich construction principle with an inner layer of GRP or polypropylene (PP) protects the insulation from damage during installation or maintenance.