Engineered coatings

Corrosion protection and lubrication are key factors in improving the performance and extending the life of critical components. Everlube® engineered coatings are widely used in the industry, to provide a balance of both corrosion protection and dry film lubrication, producing extremely tough and durable coatings.

The EverSlik 1201/1301 coating system has a salt spray resistance of 2,500h. Dry film lubricants are complex coatings made up of lubricating pigments in a continuous matrix of a binder. Brand names include MoS2, PTFE, Graphite and WS2. Typical applications are fasteners, jack screws, connectors, actuator stems and shafts, as well as pumps and valves.

Our industry approvals include AS9100, NADCAP and ISO 9001/2008. We also offer a comprehensive NACE coating inspection service to provide expert guidance relating to pre-treatment, application and curing phases to identify any potential issues before processing begins, saving time and money. The NACE inspector will take into account environmental conditions, surface preparation and cleaning procedures, leading to final coating tests.