Accumulated water treatment experiences have taught us that mixed water quality from bunker, RO and/or FWG combined with unsuited or mixed piping materials (carbon steel, 316, plastic) and/or inadequate water treatment results in costly downtime, wide-ranging repairs, due to corrosion, pitting and scaling, and regretfully also severe health challenges. Avoiding such issues, >3.000 environmentally friendly PWT systems are successfully delivered to demanding maritime and offshore customers and shore-based industries.

PWT on ships and platforms:

  • Instant removal of discoloured water
  • Stops corrosion (corrosion, pitting and scaling)
  • Removes old corrosion scale and restores flow
  • Protects the hydrophore system against further corrosion
  • Reduced risk of negative health effects
  • Easy ‘plug-and-play’ installation

PWT on newbuilds:

  • Avoid disruptive corrosion and rust-coloured water from day one
  • Avoid unnecessary use of expensive materials
  • Avoid unnecessary investments in sub-systems
  • Avoid challenging health effects
  • Secure the very best lifecycle-cost (LCC) advantages