rf3 filter

HYDAC’s innovative Backflushing Filter AutoFilt® RF3 is a self-cleaning automatic filter system, which has been specially designed to facilitate the precise separation of the solid particle from a wide range of fluids with low viscosity.

Our AutoFilt® RF3 back-flushing filters have received NSF / ANSI 61-G and 372 certifications.

NSF 61 is the premier standard for water system components and NSF is the certification most recognised and respected by manufacturers, water utilities, and regulators worldwide.


  • Conical filter elements
  • Wedge wire from 50μm to 3000μm
  • SuperMesh wire mesh from 25μm to 60μm


  • Automatic back-flushing reduces operating costs
  • Isokinetic filtration and back-flushing provides greater efficiency
  • Flow-optimised housing design
  • Filtrate flow is not interrupted during back-flushing
  • Pulse-aided back-flushing
  • Various control variants with individually adjustable control parameters
  • Numerous material and equipment options available
  • Ready-to-operate unit
  • Variable flange positions (inlet and outlet flanges, as well as back-flush line)