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Fluid Power Solutions

HYDAC delivers a flexible range of solutions that cover all areas of fluid power, with an extensive catalogue of components and systems for the offshore, onshore and subsea sectors, including hydraulic filtration, pumps, accumulators, valves and electronics.

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HYDAC delivers a flexible range of solutions that cover all areas of fluid power, with an extensive catalogue of components and systems for the offshore, onshore and subsea sectors, including hydraulic filtration, pumps, accumulators, valves and electronics.

We also provide condition monitoring, process and compact hydraulic systems, as well as a number of industrial accessories.

HYDAC is a respected and experienced partner in the oil and gas industry, and is committed to meeting specific client needs and requirements in a cost-effective manner, from the initial design and engineering stages right through to certification and the final production.

Quality-managed fluid power products for the marine industry

HYDAC provides a comprehensive range of high-quality products, including hydraulic power units (HPU) and chemical injection units, ROV interface hydraulics and wellhead control panels.

HYDAC technical training courses are nationally accredited and unique in Australia.
From components and sub-systems to complete systems, HYDAC is your quality partner.
With engineering experience across all areas of fluid technology, we can design a customised solution using the latest technology, such as SolidWorks CAD 3D.
HYDAC offers a reliable oil analysis and calibration service in our own lab in Melbourne.
HYDAC has branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland, so products are readily available wherever you are.
HYDAC has worldwide approvals. We’ve been a quality and experienced partner of the oil and gas industry for more than 50 years.
Our HYBOX hydraulic power units can be quoted in 15 minutes and delivered in three days at very competitive prices. All units are flushed and tested.
HYDAC back-flushing and self-cleaning filters (RF3) are used to protect pumps that are used in flooding operations during pre-commissioning. They are also used in upstream coarse filtration in water injection systems.
Our high-pressure bladder accumulators for the offshore sector are supplied with stainless-steel oil ports, gas valves and name plates.
Our condition monitoring units perform online monitoring and diagnosis of fluid contamination, pressure, temperature, flow, level and relative viscosity.

The company also offers emergency shutdown and rotating equipment lubrication systems, as well as intervention, work-over and topside control systems for application on subsea oil and gas wells. In addition, HYDAC is able to deliver engineering services for hydraulic systems, featuring custom design and drawings.

All HYDAC products are engineered and manufactured locally, and put through rigorous testing at the company’s laboratory and calibration centre. Solutions are certified in accordance with ISO 29001, which is an extension of the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standard for quality and safety management.

Durable, versatile components for the oil and gas sector

HYDAC supplies a complete catalogue of robust pipeline management components for application in a number of scenarios, including hydraulic valve actuation and chemical injection, shock absorption via piston or bladder accumulators, as well as pipeline flushing to protect and preserve the service-life of pumping machinery.

We provide parts for topside systems such as HPUs, wellhead control panels, work-over systems, blow-out preventer (BOP) stacks and filtration mechanisms for water injections.

Our list of components for subsea systems includes manifolds, production pods, subsea modules and BOPs, remote operating vehicles (ROV) and pipeline flooding apparatus, in addition to production Christmas trees.

HYDAC delivers auxiliary system components such as oil and gas scrubbing and chemical injection systems, in addition to a number of condition monitoring units and gas / compressor turbines.

Technical training courses for HYDAC employees and service partners

HYDAC believes in combining a global presence with local knowledge and competence to ensure it has the capability to deliver the very best technical solutions.

The company operates world-class technical sales engineering offices in five states in Australia. We also provide nationally recognised, practical training courses on a variety of topics at the HYDAC training centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth to ensure that employees, service partners and the end-users of our products possess both the knowledge and confidence required to meet the increasing demands of their vocational responsibilities.

HYDAC is offering the following courses for 2017:

  • Basic Hydraulics 1 (MEM30010A)
  • Maintain Hydraulics 2 (MEM18020B)
  • Intermediate Hydraulics 3 (MEM18011C)
  • Accumulators: Understanding and Applications
  • Hydraulic System Cleanliness Principles (MEM18020B)
  • Optimising Oil Condition Monitoring: Sensors and Measurement (MEM18062B)
  • Software and Systems for Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Practical hydraulics (Hands-On)
  • Electro-hydraulic Control Systems (MEM18022B, MEM18053B, MEM 10007C)
  • Thermal Optimisation: Understanding and Applications

For more information on our courses, please contact us via the enquiry form.

Oil analysis and product calibration services

HYDAC works side-by-side with customers, offering reliable oil analysis and product calibration services from our lab in Melbourne.

Inspection and calibration of measuring and test equipment should guarantee that all tested equipment measures accurately under controlled parameters.

The test equipment must be calibrated regularly, with the calibration process traceable to national measurement standards and the results documented and certified. We calibrate CS and FCU (1000 and 2000 series).

Pressure-tested hydraulic power units and lubrication systems

Our cutting-edge hydraulic power units and lubrication systems are equipped with advanced fluid power and electronic and filtration technology, providing clients with consistent, high-quality results for the entire duration of their marine activities.

From our purpose-designed software to our technically superior manifolds, the company is a leader in bespoke solution-driven systems. Every HYDAC system is pressure-tested and flushed in accordance with the ISO 4406 standard, making them safe and suitable for all customer applications.

From individual parts and components to complete, ready-to-use systems and technology, HYDAC is your quality-assured service partner.

The company operates in more than 50 countries, with 8,400 employees and 500 sales and service partners worldwide.

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Products & services

  • Backflushing Filter AutoFilt® RF3

    HYDAC's innovative Backflushing Filter AutoFilt® RF3 is a self-cleaning automatic filter system, which has been specially designed to facilitate the precise separation of the solid particle from a wide range of fluids with low viscosity.

  • Corrosion Protection Clamps

    Crevice corrosion can often pose a real problem for operators of industrial systems, particularly those that entail regular contact with harsh environments.

  • HYDAC Training Centre

    HYDAC are committed to ensuring that our employees, service partners and the end users of our products are equipped with both the knowledge and the confidence required to meet the increasing demands of their vocational endeavours.

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