Global Marine has a legacy of expertise in subsea installation beginning in the mid-1800s, with the world’s first underwater cable installation. We’ve modernised our fleet and our methods, while retaining our long-standing passion for subsea technology and its ongoing development.

Our highly specialised vessels and speciality subsea equipment help us ensure your cable installations and maintenance operations are managed using the most current technologies available on the market.


  • Cable Retriever
  • Pacific Guardian
  • Wave Venture
  • Wave Sentinel
  • Cable Innovator
  • Networker
  • Sovereign

Protecting expensive subsea cables takes specialist tools and knowledge to ensure your cables are afforded the best protection possible within any environment. Our remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and trenching equipment support all your installation requirements.

Speciality equipment:

  • XT 600
  • Atlas 1
  • Atlas 2
  • ST 200 Series
  • Video ray

Trenching equipment:

  • Injector
  • Rocksaw trencher
  • Burial sleds ploughs