Glynwed’s ceramic fixtures like plates, rings and location pins are today employed with great success among others within the automotive, pulp & paper-, construction and engineering and the offshore & subsea industry. The components are made of our FRIALIT® ceramic material FZM ( ZrO2 Zirconium oxide), FZT (Al2O3Aluminium oxide) and HP 79 (Si3N4= Silicon nitride). Other materials and designs are available upon on request and can be manufactured according to standard or individual customer specifications.

The advantages with the FRIALIT® ceramic materials are:

  • Very high wear resistance
  • Extremely long lifetime
  • Retains original shape
  • Exact positioning accuracy
  • Easy installation in holder
  • High surface quality, excellent sliding qualities
  • Welding pearls does not stick on the surface
  • No material adhesion from metal particles
  • Non-magnetic / antistatic
  • Electrically insolating

The ceramic fixture components are used in welding equipment and systems for manual or automatic production by robot welding or integrated in complete transfer lines.

The products are manufactured by FRIATEC AG, Mannheim, which have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high tech ceramics. Glynwed AB, Sweden, is the sales division for technical ceramics of FRIATEC AG for the Nordic countries.