Constructions confronted with bearing related problems today often need to replace the more conventional bearing materials by ceramic materials. Glynwed’s FRIALIT- ceramic slide bearing components have been successfully applied and used in the process industry, chemical industry, offshore & subsea industry, pulp & paper industry, the food & drug industry as well as in life science applications. In these fields there is often a need for ceramic bearings used directly in liquid medias and high viscose products, also in nonhomogeneous liquids containing particles and crystals. The FRIALIT materials F 99,7 (Al2O3), SiC 198 (SsiC), HP 79 (Si3N4) and FZM (ZrO2) can successfully be applied in such environmental.

In comparison with other materials for example acid-resisting or hard chromium-plated steel, the ceramic FRIALT ceramic materials offers unique advantages such as:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Extremely high wear resistance due to its high hardness
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Very good sliding properties due to low friction coefficient
  • Not limited to grease or fat, any kind of liquide can be used (even ones containing abrasive particles)
  • Allows dry running at low velocities (up to 100 rpm)
  • Low density
  • Very good form stability, due to low thermal expansion
  • Certified by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), NFA (Svenska Livsmedelsverket) and BGA (BundesGesundheitsAmt)

These characteristics gives longer lifetime with decreasing maintenance costs and less stops.

The products are manufactured by FRIATEC AG, Mannheim, which have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high tech ceramics. Glynwed AB, Sweden, is the sales division for technical ceramics of FRIATEC AG for the Nordic countries.