g-range clamp connector

Destec’s catalogue of G-range clamp connectors has been meticulously developed to meet the requirements of offshore plant operators.

Due to their efficiency, lightness and reliability, together with extreme qualities of leak tightness, the G-Range pipe connection offers significant benefits for use in industrial plant in a wide variety of applications.

Although designed primarily for adverse pressure and temperature conditions, more modest applications can be considered due to ease-of-installation and assembly, particularly when compared with the alignment and tightening of standard flanges.

The G-Range pipe connection comprises: a pair of hubs for welding to the pipe (similar to a flange), a clamp set, which can be rotated around the hubs to suit the most practical positions, and a seal ring.

The seal ring is a modified cone ring giving excellent leak tightness properties under the most severe conditions of pressure and/or thermal shock.

On assembly the taper joint faces compress the seal ring radially.

The sealing force is provided by the stored energy in the stressed seal ring, any internal pressure intensifies the sealing action.