Lowering head (Destec Engineering)

Destec Engineering specialises in high-pressure containment and on-site machining products and services for the offshore sector and a variety of other industries.

The company has a comprehensive selection of in-house designed and manufactured portable installation and servicing equipment that performs a wide range of on-site machine shop operations worldwide.

Clamp connectors for piping operations in the offshore industry

Destec’s fire-tested, type-approved G-Range clamp connector is used extensively in activities / processes such as production manifold, flow line and valve installations.

Destec provides a wide range of on-site services and subsea clamp connectors for the offshore industry.
The G-Clamp connector is ideal for a variety of pipeline applications and installations.
The GSB single-bolt clamp set is customisable to the client’s sealing specifications.
The company's on-site services aim to improve a plant's operational efficiency while reducing downtime and related costs.
Destec provides various on-site machining services to offshore facilities.
The company's engineers are available to quickly respond to a client's machining request at any time of day, all year round.

Weighing 75% less than an ANSI flange, the G-Range design features only four bolts per joint, resulting in an easy and cost-effective assembly. It is the recognised standard for clamp connectors by the oil and gas industry.

Supplied as standard with an all-metal seal ring, the G-Range connector is designed primarily for adverse pressure, temperature and thermal shock conditions, and is in-line with Destec’s quality and reliability standards.

Many different types of connector are available, such as butt weld and blind hubs, elbows, nozzles, enlarging and reducing hubs, and orifice metering connections.

Specialised connectors such as hinged closures for pressure vessels are also available.

Destec G-Range clamp connector hubs can be made with carbon, stainless, alloy and duplex steels, with compatible clamp and seal ring materials.

Single-bolt subsea connectors

The Destec GSB single-bolt clamp set is a purpose-designed unit for operations in which a conventional four-bolt G-Range clamp series would be impractical.

The GSB Clampsets are supplied with a mounting plate to accommodate necessary guidance / pull-in systems for alignment purposes, as well as stab connectors for hydraulic and electrical circuits.

A client’s specific sealing requirements or standard G-Range type hubs with metal-to-metal seal rings can be incorporated, in addition to larger clamp sizes and special designs (dual / multi / concentric bore).

A number of GSB clamps have been supplied with fabricated spool pieces for mating to flexible risers.

The GSB Clampsets are available with a blend of molykote and epoxy resin coatings with subsea applications.

Onsite leak sealing and machining services

Destec Engineering supplies specialised precision on-site machining and leak sealing services.

Ranging from small maintenance projects to large-scale plant shutdowns, the company’s services enhance the efficiency of its clients’ facilities, reduce costs and downtime, as well as increasing production while retaining a high level of quality and safety.

Destec operates all-year round on a worldwide basis and is able to quickly deploy its products and services to site.

Destec products include:

  • Certified bolt tightening and tensioning
  • Online leak sealing
  • On-site machining
  • Overlay welding
  • Regenerator and vessel head removal

Destec has a fully equipped machine workshop with a computer numerical control (CNC) turning capacity of up to 2m in diameter, in addition to vertical machining centres and a diverse range of general purpose machines.