The low-noise preamplified omnidirectional hydrophone, often referred to as operating ‘below sea state zero,’ stands as a pinnacle of professional instrumentation in the realm of underwater acoustics. Designed with meticulous precision and engineered to exacting standards, this hydrophone represents a cornerstone technology for a myriad of applications beneath the waves.

With its exceptional sensitivity and the virtually imperceptible voltage noise generated by its highly adaptable preamplifier, this instrument emerges as an indispensable tool for researchers and professionals alike, capable of delving into the intricate realms of bioacoustics, environmental noise analysis, and the comprehensive characterisation of acoustic sources spanning from the whispering depths at 5Hz to the dynamic peaks at 90kHz.

At the heart of its design lies a commitment to excellence, manifested in its array of features meticulously crafted to elevate performance and functionality. The hydrophone’s high sensitivity serves as a beacon, enabling the detection of even the faintest underwater signals with unparalleled clarity and precision. This sensitivity, coupled with its designation for operation below sea state zero, ensures that the hydrophone remains unfazed by the tumultuous conditions of the marine environment, delivering pristine audio fidelity regardless of the surrounding turbulence.

Central to its versatility is the highly customizable preamplifier, a marvel of engineering prowess that empowers users to tailor the hydrophone’s performance to suit a diverse array of applications. Whether capturing the ethereal melodies of marine life, conducting rigorous environmental noise assessments, or scrutinizing the nuanced signatures of acoustic sources, this preamplifier stands ready to adapt, ensuring optimal performance across varied scenarios.

The hydrophone’s usable frequency range, spanning from the infrasonic to the ultrasonic spectrum (5Hz-90kHz), encapsulates the breadth of underwater acoustics, enabling researchers to explore phenomena across a vast sonic landscape. From the resonant calls of cetaceans to the intricate harmonies of marine ecosystems, this hydrophone stands as a faithful emissary, faithfully capturing the rich tapestry of underwater soundscapes.

Moreover, the hydrophone offers dual output functionality, providing users with the flexibility to choose between single-ended and differential outputs, catering to a spectrum of recording and analysis configurations. Additionally, a calibration input ensures precise and accurate measurements, facilitating meticulous calibration procedures to maintain the hydrophone’s peak performance over time.

Crafted from materials of the highest quality, this hydrophone exemplifies durability and reliability, enduring the rigours of extended underwater deployments with unwavering resilience. For added longevity and protection against corrosive marine environments, an optional corrosion-proof jacket is available, providing peace of mind for users operating in challenging maritime conditions.

In essence, the low-noise preamplified omnidirectional hydrophone transcends the boundaries of conventional underwater sensing, embodying the pinnacle of technological innovation in the field of underwater acoustics. With its unmatched sensitivity, customizable performance, and robust design, it stands as an indispensable tool for researchers, engineers, and professionals seeking to unravel the mysteries of the aquatic realm and amplify our understanding of underwater acoustics.