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Co.L.Mar offers acoustic hydrophone solutions for the offshore industry

Co.L.Mar provides acoustic subsea leak detection equipment for the offshore industry.


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Co.l.Mar designs, develops and produces acoustic systems, such as hydrophones and projectors, used in the civil and military sectors for environmental monitoring and oceanographic research. It also manufactures active systems, antennas, passive systems, acoustic heads, hydrophones, etc.

A hydrophone is an underwater sensor designed to pick up sound, noise and other acoustic signals propagating in the sea or fresh water. Hydrophones detect sounds propagating in liquid environments, just like a microphone is used for detecting acoustic waves in the gaseous environment of Earth’s atmosphere.

The study of the propagation of sounds (subsonic or ultrasonic) in the marine environment and the technology, which was developed in the military field starting from the First World War, have been extended since then to be applied to civil applications of various types and bioacoustics, such as acoustic monitoring aimed at protecting seas and cetaceans.

Custom software screenshot of a noise waveform recorded by a digital omnidirectional hydrophone.
Technicians testing custom noise recording software.
Colmar's test boat along the Italian coastline testing a GP1280 omnidirectional digital hydrophone, a highly professional instrument suitable for underwater monitoring.
Low-noise preamplified omnidirectional hydrophone ('below sea state zero'). It is a highly professional instrument, suitable for a wide range of applications in the field of underwater acoustics. Particularly suitable for working in the field of bioacoustics, for environmental noise measurements and for the acoustic characterization of sources in the 5Hz-90kHz frequency range.
omnidirectional hydrophone 'below sea state zero'.
Digital Hydrophone DG1330 - a digital omnidirectional hydrophone, a professional tool specifically designed and produced for the KM3Net Neutrino project.
GP receiver is an analogue hydrophone amplifier, designed to work with GP series hydrophones. The user interface is built around an anodised aluminium panel and includes a calibration button.
Low-noise omnidirectional hydrophone with integral PUR or Neoprene cable.
Low-noise omnidirectional hydrophone with integral PUR or Neoprene cable and case.
Low-noise preamplified omnidirectional hydrophone ('below sea state zero'). Highly professional instrument for underwater acoustic measurements. High sensitivity, low voltage noise of its highly customizable preamplifier, make it particularly suitable for working in the field of bioacoustics.

Developed in the military field since World War I, the technology has been extended to civil applications of different types and bioacoustics applications, such as acoustic monitoring for the protection of the marine environment and the cetacean population. Hydrophones are designed and developed according to their specific applications. 

They are composed of a sensitive part, usually Piezoelectric Ceramic, and, in some cases, an electronic part that amplifies the acquired and/or transmitted signal. Co.L.Mar produces a wide variety of hydrophones, transducers, and more complex acoustic systems suitable for oceanographic research and environmental monitoring. 

For example, Co.L.Mar’s Muphydro programmable Digital Hydrophone demonstrates the company’s dedication to advancing marine acoustics research and innovation. This hydrophone is engineered with precision and offers unparalleled capabilities for researchers and enthusiasts. With its programmable features, users can customise recording parameters to suit different marine environments and research goals. 

Co.l.Mar is proud to participate in the conference’s mission to support marine research and cetacean conservation. The field application covers the military, environmental and oil and gas sectors, where the company has always been operating globally with our patented ‘Acoustic Leak Detector’ system to detect subsea leaks on pipelines. 

In addition to the standard selection of hydrophones and transducers, we also design and develop custom products on request. The headquarters is fitted with the biggest indoor pool in Italy, which is equipped with instrument testing, acoustic measurements and calibration. Several pressing chambers are capable of testing Co.l. Mar’s tools by simulating the hydrostatic pressures at depths of 4000m.

Since 1982, Co.l.Mar has worked in the fields of marine strategy and oceanographic engineering.

It was founded on the collaboration of scientists and engineers with extensive backgrounds in marine acoustics and geophysics, and it later expanded its operations to include a wide range of underwater acoustics applications.

The firm is an excellent illustration of a thriving family-run enterprise with exceptional quality standards and specialised knowledge. As a result, one might become globally visible and export goods and services anywhere.

Digital Hydrophones

Low-noise, preamplified omnidirectional hydrophones, often known as ‘below sea state zero,’ are extremely professional devices with a variety of uses.

The hydrophones’ high sensitivity and the low voltage noise of their highly adjustable preamplifier make them ideal for use in environmental noise measurements, bioacoustics research, and acoustic source characterization in the 5Hz–90kHz frequency range.

Military Standard

The expertise of Co.l.Mar engineers in underwater acoustics enable them to replicate nearly all varieties of military active and passive transducers, even when original replacement parts are no longer accessible.

The company also develops and manufactures tailor-made sonar antennas according to client requirements and conducts tests on them in the onsite tank. Co.l.Mar. antennas are utilized in active and passive underwater sonar applications in the military and civilian sectors. Co.l.Mar. also offers specialized software designed for signal processing.

Permanent Underwater Monitoring

MupHydro is an intelligent, programmable digital hydrophone and recording device. Designed for extended periods of use, every unit can be linked to a maximum of four hydrophones and ambient sensors.

This intelligent hydrophone is suitable for detecting underwater acoustic events and measuring subsea noise. It is also ideal for continuous underwater monitoring, for example, in oil and gas scenarios, underwater security, and biological monitoring.

Neutrino Telescope

The European deep-sea research infrastructure KM3NeT has a neutrino telescope with a volume of multiple cubic kilometres in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, providing a new perspective on the Universe.

The telescope detects neutrinos from faraway sources such as gamma-ray bursts, supernovae, or star collisions. It is an effective instrument in investigating dark matter in the Cosmos.

The centre also stores instruments used in earth and sea sciences to monitor the deep sea environment for extended periods on-site and remotely.

The hydrophone chosen for the project is the DG1330 model, designed and made by Co.l.Mar. s.r.l. in collaboration with TelesubLanterna. A request was made for 256 hydrophones.

White Papers

  • GP Receiver

    The GP receiver is an analogue hydrophone amplifier designed to work in the field with CO.L.MAR. GP series.

  • GP1516 Hydrophone

    The GP1516 is a 'built-in' preamplifier hydrophone suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Hydrophone AR0190XS

    The AR0190XS is a pre-amplified omnidirectional hydrophone suitable for a wide range of applications requiring working frequencies up to the ultrasonic range (170 kHz).

Products & services

  • GP1280 Low-Noise Hydrophone

    The low-noise preamplified omnidirectional hydrophone, often referred to as operating 'below sea state zero,' stands as a pinnacle of professional instrumentation in the realm of underwater acoustics.

  • Hydrophone GP1190

    The Hydrophone GP1190 stands as a pinnacle of hydroacoustic engineering, meticulously designed to cater to a diverse array of applications demanding precision and versatility in underwater sound detection.

  • MupHydro Digital Hydrophone

    MupHydro emerges as a cutting-edge, smart, programmable digital hydrophone and recorder meticulously engineered to excel in long-term underwater deployments.

  • Hydrophone SC0190

    The Hydrophone SC0190 emerges as a robust and versatile solution for a multitude of underwater applications, ranging from low to high frequencies and spanning depths of up to 3500 meters.

  • Communication Transducer TD1040

    The Communication Transducer TD1040, crafted by Colmar, represents a pinnacle of engineering ingenuity tailored specifically for underwater communication applications.

  • Hydrophone Projector TD0190

    The Hydrophone Projector TD0190 by Colmar stands as a beacon of excellence in underwater sensing and communication technology, offering unparalleled versatility and performance across a diverse range of applications.

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