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The GTS-PE 3LPE coating system is the world’s first heat recoverable coating system designed with factory grade 3LPE materials to deliver equivalent performance to factory-applied 3LPE coating. Compared to other factory grade 3LPE coating systems, GTS-PE provides very low installation temperatures and a proven, uniform and repeatable application process.

GTS-PE 3LPE field-applied coating technology

GTS-PE is comprised of the same materials as 3LPE factory-applied coatings and offers equivalent performance:

  • Polyethylene top coat delivers the hardness, mechanical protection and resistance to moisture absorption critical for higher temperature, and often, deepwater pipelines
  • High temperature epoxy on the steel provides resistance to corrosion and cathodic disbondment equivalent to that of 3LPE factory-applied coating while offering relatively low installation temperatures compared with other systems
  • PE copolymer adhesive bonds the polyethylene top coat to the epoxy layer and fuses to the 3LPE factory-applied coating where the joint coating overlaps to eliminate the possibility of moisture ingress

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