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Canusa-CPS is the leading global manufacturer of field-applied pipeline coatings. This position was achieved through a combination of a strong product mix, new product development and hard-working manufacturing, technical and sales professionals.

The company supplies a wide variety of field-applied products and systems used for onshore and offshore pipeline corrosion and thermal protection. Known for its advanced heat-shrinkable product technology for field weld joint protection, Canusa-CPS also manufactures and supplies liquid epoxy-based coatings for joint protection and rehabilitation, plus adhesives for pipeline coatings.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Canusa-CPS has major manufacturing locations in Huntsville, Ontario, and Edmonton, Alberta. The global reach of the business also sees offices, warehouses and finishing locations managed from the US, South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

Offshore pipeline joint coating

Canusa-CPS is the industry leader in field joint coating technology for the protection of subsea pipelines, where demand for quality, reliability and proven procedures are of the highest importance. The company has a unique ability to provide field joint coating solutions that are tailored to match offshore construction methods, pipeline design parameters and service conditions. It is trusted and relied upon by the world’s leading offshore pipelay contractors.

Canusa-CPS has a complete range of joint coating systems for offshore pipelines. These include polyethylene, polypropylene and polypropylene hybrid systems that have been proven to meet the challenges of the offshore pipelay environment.

Global transmission sleeves

GTS-PE and GTS-PP are high-performance heat-shrinkable sleeve systems that provide equivalent corrosion protection performance on field-applied girth-weld joints to three-layer polyethylene and polypropylene pipeline coatings.

Offshore field joint coating

KLON and KLNN Wrapid Sleeve™ are one-piece, wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeves with pre-attached closures designed for corrosion protection on field-applied girth-weld joints for offshore pipelines operating up to 100°C (212°F).

Canusa’s MIS systems are also one-piece, wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeves with pre-attached closures designed for corrosion protection on field-applied girth-weld joints for concrete weight-coated pipelines using hot infill or polyurethane foam operating up to 100°C.

Liquid epoxy-based pipeline coating systems

Canusa-CPS formulates and manufactures a series of two-component, 100% solids epoxy coatings for direct-to-steel applications. These provide superior corrosion protection on field-applied girth-weld joints of fusion-bonded epoxy-coated pipelines. Canusa’s HBE-OS has been specially formulated for high-speed application and force curing for offshore applications.

Pipeline repair products

Mainline coating repair products include fillers, melt sticks and repair patches compatible with common pipeline coatings.

Factory or Field?

A properly specified and applied pipeline anti-corrosion coating is critical to ensure that the chosen coating is capable of delivering the required performance over the lifetime of a buried or submerged pipeline.

Baltic Gas Project, Southern Baltic Sea

The Baltic Gas Project involves the development of the B4 and B6 gas fields located in Poland’s exclusive economic zone in the Southern Baltic Sea.

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