Launched in 2000, the GTS-PP 3LPP coating system remains the world’s leading joint coating for 3LPP coated pipelines. Its patented design uses Factory Grade™ polypropylene materials to deliver equivalent performance to, and fusion to, the factory applied
3LPP coating with low installation temperatures and a proven and controlled application process.

Factory grade 3LPP coating technology:

  • Polypropylene (PP) top coat delivers mechanical protection and resistance to moisture absorption critical for high temperature and deepwater pipelines
  • High temperature liquid epoxy or fusion bonded on steel provides Factory Grade™ resistance to cathodic disbondment and allows for low installation temperatures
  • PP copolymer layer bonds the PP top coat to the epoxy and fuses to the factory-applied coating to eliminate the possibility of moisture ingress

Proven compatibility and fusion:

  • Proven to provide consistent fusion to the factory-applied 3LPP coating with efficient installation

Easy to install with process control:

  • Factory Grade™ performance achieved with low installation temperatures using uniform induction pre-heating technology
  • Can be installed directly by contractors, supported by Canusa-CPS’ industry leading field service team
  • Can be combined with the patented IntelliCOAT™systems, providing a fully automated, efficient and safe installation

Engineered for maximum efficiency:

  • Patented Reduced Edge Thickness design enhances installation efficiency and allows for elevated thickness applications
  • Automated tube welding eliminates overlap / closure system typical of traditional sleeve systems, allowing for uniform thickness and cycle time reduction