HiberEasypulse is a cutting-edge technological solution that allows clients to monitor machines in off-grid worksites from anywhere in the world. As an all-in-one IoT service, HiberEasypulse enables the easy monitoring of the customer’s assets with the help of a device that is conveniently attachable and provides 24-hour insights into the way the assets operate. The advantages of Hiber’s remote monitoring technology include:

  • Reliable information from any location in the world
  • The solution is pre-calibrated, which means that the clients don’t have to fuss about complicated installations and machinery
  • Easy use by connecting the HiberEasypulse to the asset and turning it on
  • Efficient satellite connectivity to enable tracking and monitoring even in the remotest parts of the world
  • Data collection every few minutes so that the clients can remotely access their assets anytime
  • Cost-effectiveness and time-saving advantages because clients do not have to send their teams to conduct on-site monitoring and report on results. Instead, they can do it through the HiberEasypulse dashboard.

With the help of state-of-the-art and trusted satellites, the HiberEasypulse edge station offers the opportunity to instantly provide data regarding client assets, which are transmitted every 15 minutes through the convenience of the HiberEasypulse monitoring system. The software is easy to use through a single dashboard that makes accessible all the information for successful data monitoring.

For just a small subscription each month, customers can benefit from remote fleet tracking and asset monitoring made easy with HiberEasypulse. The IoT nature of the technology and its subscription mode make this a convenient GPS fleet tracking solution that creates a hussle-free environment for customers, saves cost and renders operations easier through simplifying connectivity processes.