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End-to-End IoT Solutions for the Offshore Industry

Hiber offers IoT well monitoring solutions for the offshore industry and enables customers to access assets and sites from anywhere in the world.

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Hiber utilises satellite technology, e-commerce, and digital solutions to provide Internet of things (IoT) services across a variety of industries such as offshore, mining and agriculture.

A ‘NewSpace’ startup, Hiber aims to bring IoT solutions to areas with little cellular access or Wi-Fi. The company has so far managed to attract significant funding and is among the selected companies of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator.

Since IoT transforms the way we work and live every day, Hiber offers a variety of data-driven technologies that can be easily integrated into businesses globally. The advantages of IoT connectivity are utilised by the company to help its clients choose cost-effective solutions related to easy monitoring of assets, revenue challenges, regulation control, technology development and testing, easy remote access and more.

HiberHilo sensor installation on an onshore platform.
Worker on a oil platform giving a thumbs up sign.
HiberHilo sensor explanation on a wellhead Christmas tree.
HiberHilo satellite view of gateway setup for offshore well monitoring.
HiberHilo dashboard, sensors and Christmas tree valves.
Offshore oil and gas platform.
Satellite view of Earth with satellite.
Worker taking notes and inspection pipes.

IoT well monitoring services for the offshore industry

Hiber launched HiberEasypulse in 2021 as part of its pioneering Oil & Gas Well Integrity Monitoring subscription service for offshore end-to-end solutions, which was realised as HiberHilo.

HiberEasypulse offers a heavy equipment monitoring technology that enables constant remote well monitoring, which not only makes the process of well checking and management easier but also helps save time and cost, as well as renders the whole monitoring process safer.

With HiberHilo, satellite technology is used easily and effectively to monitor wellhead pressure and temperature from anywhere in the world using the benefits of IoT connectivity. With this ease of operation, customers in the offshore sector can safely, accurately, and cost-effectively check and manage their wells 24/7, as well as benefit from IoT innovation in connectivity by remotely using the HiberHilo dashboard to access the relevant asset data.

HiberHilo provides the same accuracy of data in well monitoring as wired technologies, in addition to the advantages of a wireless, easily installed, and easy-to-use solution for oil and gas companies.

Hilo’s services include:

  • 24/7 well monitoring for the offshore industry
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Dashboard management
  • Battery and solar power
  • Data accuracy and safety

All-in-one IoT solutions for equipment connectivity

Hiber employs technologies such as HiberHilo for well monitoring and Easypulse for asset tracking and fleet monitoring to equip customers with high-quality IoT connectivity.

They monitor equipment with no-hassle through data from any point around the world. Since manual monitoring is mostly standard practice, customers can address certain challenges with regards to asset monitoring such as fleet and wells in the offshore industry, including:

  • Increased risk when a crew is sent to check sites in-person
  • Expensive technology for well monitoring
  • Lack of site visibility
  • High costs due to crew trips for asset management

With solutions such as HiberHilo, remote oil and gas well integrity monitoring becomes easier, even if the sites contain heavy equipment and/or expand over many kilometres. State-of-the-art satellite monitoring enables data streamlining that is accurate and effective because it ensures innovative and active engagement with assets around the world.

With a single installation, Hiber addresses all these problems pertaining to remote well management with an all-in-one service that is convenient for customers and customised to fit their needs.  Hiber sends data via a gateway and directly to a satellite through pressure and/or temperature sensors, making the data accessible to the customer’s dashboard. The pioneering HiberHilo technology can connect up to 500 sensors to the satellites, creating a suitable solution to remote areas. A prominent case study is Hiber’s collaboration with Shell to place sensors in the wellheads for better connectivity and data accuracy.

About Hiber

Hiber was formed by a team of leaders in the satellite technology and digital innovation sector and employs highly skilled professionals from software engineers to field application engineers for the design and installation of pioneering well monitoring technologies.

The company comprises more than 60 employees and has offices in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Maryland in the US.

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Products & services

  • HiberHilo

    HiberHilo is Hiber’s all-in-one end-to-end technology for customers in the oil and gas industry.

  • HiberEasypulse

    HiberEasypulse is an IoT solution for remotely tracking and monitoring machines in off-grid worksites anywhere in the world.

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