HiberHilo is Hiber’s all-in-one end-to-end technology for customers in the oil and gas industry. It combines hardware, software and connectivity in a circular information management system that comprises the actual sensors, the dashboard for the customers, as well as real-time connection using a solar-powered gateway and satellite technology.

With HiberHilo, oil and gas companies can measure the pressure and temperature of oil wells using a single solution instead of putting together different technologies to remotely monitor their wells. HiberHilo enables effective remote well monitoring from anywhere in the world, which can more easily solve the problem of sending inspection teams in the facilities, a task that is sometimes dangerous in remote locations and always time-consuming and costly.

HiberHilo addresses these problems by offering a variety of advantages that include:

  • Easy installation (which the customers’ engineers can do themselves)
  • Affordability and cost-effectiveness (in the form of a monthly subscription instead of a one-off investment, which offers convenience as customers want to stay up-to-date and better manage what they invest in and how much)
  • Remote connection from anywhere in the world

With HiberHilo, customers can receive up-to-date and reliable information about what is going on in their wells and therefore prevent hazards and disasters from taking place. Especially during bad weather, when problems are likely to occur and remote locations make inspection difficult, HiberHilo offers customers peace of mind with the help of API or dashboard where the satellite sends the data. HiberHilo revolutionises remote well monitoring through its straightforward and future-focused technology that ensures convenience, reduced cost and better well management.