Our HPX non-spill quick couplings are ideal for heavy-duty, high-pressure hydraulic applications, when a secure connection is most crucial. A screw locking mechanism with outer ratcheting collar for added safety guarantees extremely robust connections, even if subjected to intense pulsating or vibrating cycles. Optional colored alloy caps allow instant visual identification of circuits. For easier handling, the plugs can be fitted with a hand wheel.

With non-spill flush-faces, the HPX connector prevents the introduction of air into the circuits and any contamination of the working area. The pre-guiding system of the plug into the socket eases the connection of hydraulic hoses. The safe claw locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection due to mechanical or vibration forces. A sealing barrier protects the main seal from dirt. The socket and plug are supplied with dust caps. The retractable locking sleeve (HPX 08 to HPX 25) and the flush-face design facilitate effective cleaning before coupling.

The circuit is designed for direct flow without breaking the stream and without any turbulence. HPX connection is facilitated by the robust quick-start trapezoidal thread. The locking sleeve features both threaded (M 8) and plain holes for tommy bar for ease of tightening. For large diameters, HPX 20 and HPX 25 may be ordered with integrated hand wheel.

Key data:

  • Bore diameters: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 33mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 500bar
  • Operating temperatures: -25°C to +150°C


  • Oil
  • Glycol water
  • Fire-resistant hydraulic fluid (in compliance with NSA307110)


  • Mostly stainless-steel with high mechanical strength