L3Harris’ Hunterwater is a new-generation minesweeping system created to perform the complete standoff mine-hunting operating cycle by means of a lightweight and simple-to-use unmanned Mine Countermeasure Module (MCM). It allows performing MCM operations in total safety, using a modular Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) system of compact dimensions and characterised by reduced operational costs.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Long-range standoff operation from mothership (> 5nm, according to the communication link)
  • Rapid transit to the operating area and endurance in a continued mission
  • Low impact for ship installation and launch and recovery system unit
  • Direct scalable effort and redundancy with coordinated multiple units
  • Easily transportable, by means of a single 40ft ISO container for a complete mine-hunting USV system
  • Low-cost disposable VGA (mine-killer) for mine countermeasure