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Automation and Control Solutions for Offshore and Defence

L3Harris | Calzoni manufactures a variety of automated systems for offshore applications.

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L3Harris | Calzoni provides engineering and manufacturing solutions for automation and control systems across a variety of industries such as offshore, naval and ship.

In a fast-paced world, L3Harris | Calzoni brings innovative technologies to address challenges and enhance safe operations. The company is a trusted merchant supplier for the offshore and defence sectors and specialises in hydraulics, mechanics, and electronics technology specifically designed to meet client needs.

For the offshore industry, L3Harris | Calzoni offers launch, recovery, and lighting systems for platform use. To enhance lighting offshore platforms, the company’s solutions make sure that there is regular light element spacing that guarantees lighting is not obstructed by junction boxes.

Other offerings for the offshore sector include a double-independent power supply circuit, a LED bypass device that minimises the impact of a single LED failure, and deck cable penetration.

Commercial helipad
Hangar Boundary Lights
Remote Operated Vehicle: ROV LYRA
Remote Operated Vehicle: ROV PERSEO GTV
Unmanned surface vehicle: miniranger
Unmanned surface vehicle: u-ranger
Hunterwater: Unmanned System for Full-Cycle Mine-hunting
Rovscan: A hybrid remotely operated vehicle and side-scan sonar
Projection Mapping Landing Aid: augmented reality for the helicopter landing on ship helidecks

L3Harris USV offerings for offshore applications

L3Harris supplies clients in the offshore industry with unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) such as the MiniRanger. Initially starting with the Italian MOD drone designed for minesweeping operations, the technology was transformed into the U-RANGER vehicle series for mine-hunting solutions.

The MiniRanger is a compact, dual-use unmanned full modular surface platform that can be applied in a variety of missions by integrating various sensors and payloads. It is specifically designed for automated underwater surveys and other underwater applications.

The technology’s versatility makes it an ideal solution for various uses where unmanned operations are needed such as:

  • Security and surveillance
  • Underwater and mine-hunting tasks
  • Used in surveys for search, localisation, and classification
  • Site survey with payload sensors

The MiniRanger system is compatible with three modes, namely manned, remotely operated, and semi-autonomous. It offers a wide range of offshore services that revolve around making operations more effective, precise, and automated, eliminating room for errors, and enabling problem-solving. The three modes of the MiniRanger promote the reduction of costs when it comes to personnel and operation, while maximum safety is prioritised even in the most dangerous conditions.

AGEOTEC ROVs for coastal and offshore surveys

The AGEOTEC remotely operated vehicles offered by L3Harris | Calzoni comprise vehicles for various uses that entail surveying, inspection, and construction. Products include underwater and other vehicles with multiple advantages for offshore clients:

  • Customised design solutions that respond to customer’s specifications and needs
  • Compact dimensions and ease of use with uniquely designed control software and powerful but carefully sized thrusters for convenience even if the conditions are adverse
  • Transmission of data at a high speed using optical fibre cables, which enable easy communication between the ROVs and the surface
  • Supplied spare parts and components, which reduce maintenance downtime and make operations easier and cost-effective

AGEOTEC ROV models supplied by L3Harris | Calzoni range from the ROV SIRIO and the ROV ANTARES to the ROV PERSEO. As an example, with dimensions of 590mmx560mmx450mm, the ROV SIRIO vehicle weighs 40kg and includes a 300msw depth rating, a high-resolution camera, up to 10kg payload, and a reliable structure.

Other vehicle types vary in use, size, depth rating, camera, and payload capacity, and include the ANTARES model that can be used for maximum flexibility and is equipped with up to two HD cameras, with a payload of up to 14kg.

For maximum weight and power utilisation, the ROV LYRA model offers a 300msw depth rating and has up to three PAL/NTSC cameras, with a payload capacity of up to 22kg. Models like this are specifically manufactured to endure adverse conditions.

In the ROV series, the PERSEO model is designed as a multi-tasking technology that guarantees high-quality performance, which is also a feature of the AGEOTEC ROV PEGASO. These are only a few examples of the range of remotely operated vehicles L3Harris | Calzoni makes available for a variety of operations for the offshore industry.

About L3Harris Technologies

L3Harris | Calzoni has offered innovation to clients for over a century, and its pioneering ethic has its roots in the Industrial Revolution and the first automatic printing press feeder. With a long history of automated solutions, the company focuses on sensors, mission systems, unmanned technology and weaponry that address customers’ needs.

Known for its advanced aerospace and defence technologies, L3Harris also caters for offshore applications by developing autonomous solutions such as USV that relate to surveying and inspection in the oil and gas environment.

The company is driven by its high environmental sustainability standards in its dedication to protecting the environment through a robust environmental, health and safety (EHS) management system that includes strict risk assessment, compliance programmes, and policies that ensure environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards are being held.

L3Harris is set to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by focusing on energy-efficient lighting control systems and sourcing renewable energy. The company’s aim is to reduce GHG emissions by 30% by 2026, and its solar power agreement with Lightsource BP in 2021 will help advance this goal.


  • Oceanology International ROV Video

    L3Harris presents Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for subsea use that can be utilised for search and rescue operations, subsea inspections, as well as survey and data collection processes.

  • Miniranger

    The Miniranger by L3Harris is an unmanned vehicle for automated underwater surveys.

Products & services

  • Hunterwater™

    L3Harris’ Hunterwater is a new-generation minesweeping system created to perform the complete standoff mine-hunting operating cycle by means of a lightweight and simple-to-use unmanned MCM.

  • PMLA

    Projection-Mapping Landing Aid superimposes an image of the landing scenario on the hangar face for the pilot to have situational awareness as they land.

  • U-Ranger

    The U-ranger is an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), designed to support a wide range of maritime operational tasks.

  • Miniranger

    The Miniranger is a compact and effective Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) created to perform autonomous underwater surveys, along with a wide range of other underwater tasks.

  • Picasso

    Picasso is an autonomous system for man-overboard (MOB) rescue operations.

  • ROVs

    L3Harris’ AGEOTEC ROVs combine a pioneering set of features that reflect the company’s more than 20 years of coastal and offshore construction expertise.

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