HxGN SDx™ is a modular, Cloud-based asset lifecycle information management (ALIM) solution that optimizes efficiency, improves profitability and ensures safety throughout the facility lifecycle.

Owner-operators today face the challenge of implementing larger projects than ever before, with limited resources and pressure to ensure projects are delivered on schedule, to specification and within budget. This is not easy to achieve. One clear trend is a positive correlation between the size and complexity of projects and the relative magnitude of cost overruns and delays.

As projects grow larger and more complex, the number of things that can potentially go wrong increases, as do the consequences and complexities in project execution.

This is concerning in an industry where $1 billion projects (once considered megaprojects) are now becoming the norm and multi-billion dollar projects involving many different contractors working globally in multiple locations are more frequently encountered.

The best way to drive efficiency is by promoting a collaborative environment where the client, contractors, and other stakeholders can easily exchange information, monitor progress, and track their obligations.

To address these challenges, Hexagon PPM introduces a web-based, rules-driven, data-centric solution to reduce project costs, time and risks associated with poor project collaboration: HxGN SDx Projects, part of HxGN SDx.

A web-based, data-centric SaaS solution, SDx creates a trustworthy digital twin that is intelligently connected to your work processes. Compliant with the CFIHOS international standard, SDx leverages the data within the digital twin to provide value-added work processes covering the complete facility lifecycle, improving project and operational efficiency while reducing risk. It is interoperable with engineering design tools and other operations systems to ensure consistent, complete and correct engineering master data. It provides facility operators with a vastly improved way of working