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End-to-end Asset Lifecycle Management Software

Hexagon PPM is a world-leading provider of enterprise engineering software, enabling smarter design and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities.


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Hexagon PPM is a world-leading provider of enterprise engineering software, enabling smarter design and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities.

Our engineering solutions increase productivity and accelerate projects by providing the full design, construction, materials and engineering data management capabilities needed for the creation, safe operation and maintenance, and capital Project Life Cycle Management (cPLM) of large-scale process, power, marine and offshore projects.

Engineering plant design for offshore applications

Hexagon offers an integrated solution for plant design that creates and manages the physical 3D plant model. The intelligent, rule-driven 3D solution enables high quality, consistent, silo-free plant design for better collaboration and reduced time to market. Innovative plant modelling from Hexagon provides integration between process/E&I engineering and detailed design disciplines across the project.

Offshore digital fabrication

Using our accurate plant control system for procurement, fabrication and construction, plant designers and owners save valuable production time during plant construction. The solutions span the complete project management lifecycle. Designed for efficiency, our solutions for plant project management can help avoid costly material surpluses and shortages, as well as reduce overall project risk.

Hexagon PPM provides digital modelling technology for offshore oil and gas applications
Our world-leading software solutions improve the efficiency and productivity of offshore projects

Engineering analysis for oil and gas operations

Leading plant engineering companies and owner-operators worldwide count on Hexagon’s analysis solutions to deliver accurate, reliable results. From pipe stress analysis to automated full vessel and oil tank analysis, our software helps operators to improve safety and reliability while tightening the entire design process to save time and money.

Offshore operations management software integrations

Keeping a plant operating smoothly over its 30 to 40-year lifespan requires efficient and intelligent plant engineering from the beginning. Hexagon PPM’s comprehensive plant engineering solution has been developed for today’s 24/7 global engineering workshare environment. All engineering disciplines are intelligent and fully integrated, an engineering change in one area automatically triggers change in all associated objects, no matter where the change occurs. Designed to drive plant optimisation, the rule-driven environment prevents engineering errors, thus avoiding shutdowns and lost production.

Engineering data management and governance for offshore projects

Plant designers and owners need software to help them manage the mounds of data created from design and changed daily from maintenance and operations. With an emphasis on data governance, Hexagon PPM’s asset lifecycle information management software empowers workers to focus on their core responsibilities by serving up data in context with intuitive interfaces and allowing near-real-time collaboration tools.

Offshore project controls and portfolio management

Enterprise Project Performance goes beyond project controls to support the full lifecycle of all projects in any enterprise, from project portfolio management, to project controls, to contract management.

Hexagon PPM Enterprise Project Performance tools ensure all of projects are identified, defined, delivered, measured and recycled in one modern, fully integrated platform.

EcoSys from Hexagon PPM is the global standard for Enterprise Project Performance software.

All products in the EcoSys platform, namely EcoSys Portfolios, EcoSys Projects, and EcoSys Contracts, leverage three core capabilities that build upon each other to create a robust, self-reinforcing system for driving projects performance.

Building information management (BIM) CAD software

BricsCAD, which Hexagon acquired in 2018, supports 2D/3D general, mechanical and sheet metal design and building information modelling (BIM) in one system. It is 100% based on the de facto standard design format, providing designers, engineers and BIM professionals with powerful access to the huge potential of vertical CAD applications created by thousands of third-party developers. Bricsys also offers its own set of time-saving, artificial intelligence-driven add-ons, from conceptual modelling to seamless BIM workflows and cloud connectivity.

About Hexagon PPM

Hexagon PPM is part of Hexagon AB, a leading global provider of information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes.

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