HxGN SDx™ is a modular, Cloud-based asset lifecycle information management (ALIM) solution that optimizes efficiency, improves profitability and ensures safety throughout the facility lifecycle. A web-based, datacentric SaaS solution, SDx creates a trustworthy digital twin that is intelligently connected to your work processes.

Reliable asset information is essential to safe, efficient operations. Every person involved in operating and maintaining a facility needs ready access to trustworthy
data to perform the job effectively, but the reality is that most owner-operators struggle to manage large volumes of technical documentation. These documents exist in multiple formats and are often duplicated throughout the organization. This lack of control leads to fragmentation and degradation of information integrity and sometimes, it creates an outright loss.

As a result, information is difficult to find when it is needed most – for shutdown planning, incident investigation, modifications, compliance audits, and facility startup.
Incomplete, unreliable information exposes the owner-operator to significant financial and safety risks.

Compliant with the CFIHOS international standard, SDx leverages the data within the digital twin to provide value-added work processes covering the complete facility
lifecycle, improving project and operational efficiency while reducing risk. It is interoperable with engineering design tools and other operations systems to ensure
consistent, complete and correct engineering master data. It provides facility operators with a vastly improved way of working.


Take Control With HxGN SDx Operations

HxGN SDx™ Operations, a part of HxGN SDx, allows you to capture, organize, and link large volumes of facility information and provide web-based access to everyone who needs it. As a cloud service, SDx Operations can be adopted by any facility without introducing new software or investments in IT infrastructure.

It handles all types of documents – PDFs, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Intergraph Smart® formats, even 3D models and laser scans. It takes advantage of linking the information that is available in intelligent formats, and it can even extract content from unintelligent formats like PDFs and image files that have been scanned from paper. All of this information is linked and made available to your facility personnel through
an intuitive web portal. Searching for information is fast and simple. With the right information available to the right people at the right time, your personnel will be able to make better decisions, keeping your facility running smoothly, efficiently, and safely.