Bolted assemblies and couplings are the most widely used connection systems in industry. To ensure the optimum reliability of your installations it is essential to obtain precise and uniform tightening of all the bolts. Indeed, 30% of assembly failures are caused by defective or irregular tightening. On the strength of its experience in the area of hydraulic tightening, Pilgrim has developed a broad range of hydraulic bolt tensioners, both standard and customized: Pilgrim HYDROCAM®.

The traditional “torque” tightening methods result in a problem of tightening uniformity because it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same force every time. The hydraulic bolt tensioner makes it possible to eliminate all the uncertainties linked to torque tightening: this is the ideal solution for obtaining precise and secure bolted assemblies. It provides optimum and controlled tightening reducing the risk of loosening and shearing. Very simple to use, Pilgrim HYDROCAM® tensioners ensure very good tightening process repeatability.

Completely safe, high-performance solution

The choice of tensioner depends on the bolt’s class and diameter, and on the available intervention space. Made up of three mechanical parts – brace, hydraulic body and skirt – a hydraulic tensioner is powered with a hydraulic fluid – oil or water. It exerts a significant traction force via the brace screwed on to the bolt, and usually functions at pressures of 1,500 bar.

The standard Pilgrim HYDROCAM® range consists of six types of hydraulic tensioners. Designed for tightening 8mm to 160mm bolts (M8 to M160), these tensioners develop forces going from 50kN to 8,500kN. Particular attention has been paid to their sizing to enable optimum use in most situations.

In order to meet the specific requirements of its customers, Pilgrim can adapt its standard tensioners or design and manufacture special tailor-made tensioners. This specific added value makes it possible to extend the bolts’ dimension range from 5mm to 500mm (M5 to M500).

Main advantages

  • Accuracy and control: tightening preload can be adjusted within one bar
  • Uniformity: identical force applied to all the tensioners
  • Simplicity and speed: as many tensioners as there are bolts to be tightened can be utilized
  • Integrity of the parts preserved
  • Cost reduction in use, inspection and maintenance
  • Safety and reliability: ideal for critical applications
  • Adaptability: all types of material such as steel, stainless steel, titanium, etc.