Pilgrim International specialises in bolting and positioning systems, hydraulic bolt tensioning solutions, drive-up systems, services and hydraulic pump packs.

We have years of technical experience in high-integrity bolting and tensioning, high-pressure hydraulic solutions and exotic material machining with documented traceability.

We deliver total integrated solutions to help customers achieve their goals. We understand the importance of improving time efficiency and safety, so we design and provide high-integrity and reliable fastening systems that also allow increased return of investments.

Pilgrim specialises in high-integrity bolting solutions, including the hydraulically installed Radial Fitted Bolt.
Our HYDROCAM hydraulic bolt tensioners can be operated as a single tool or be incorporated into a multi-tensioner.
The Pilgrim Ringjack is a hydraulic nut designed to facilitate smooth assembly.
Our highly knowledgeable and committed team can carry out on-site services, training and refurbishments.
We offer a range of hydraulic power packs to assist in the installation and removal of our products.

Bolting and positioning systems for the offshore industry

Pilgrim specialises in high-integrity bolting solutions that are designed to be reusable and easy-to-install, removing costs associated with coupling re-machining and replacement bolts.

We offer a range of bolt designs, including the Pilgrim Radial Fit Bolt.

The Radial Fit Bolt includes a tapered sleeve, which expands to fill the bolt-hole space. The bolts also use the same lightweight air-driven hydraulic equipment both for tensioning, separating or disassembly.

A Radial Fit Bolt transmits the torque through the body of the bolt using the strength of the bolt and the friction force created by the axial load.  The Radial Fit Bolt offers increased safety than a standard bolt with zero coupling slippage. As a retrofit solution, preparation of the coupling hole is no different than when installing standard bolts.

The sleeve of the Radial Fit Bolt is supplied oversized to allow for final machining once alignment and coupling concentricity checks have taken place. This can be done without affecting the integrity of the coupling.

Hydraulic tensioning systems for oil and gas sites

Pilgrim’s HYDROCAM hydraulic bolt tensioners are designed to axially stretch a bolt or stud to create a high integrity fixing, which can be coupled and de-coupled when required quickly and without causing damage.

They can be operated as a single tool or, if needed or be incorporated into a multi-tensioner for homogeneous tightening in applications such as foundation bolts, slew bearing installations or large maintenance covers.

Safe and efficient drive-up systems

Pilgrim offers a range of hydraulic nuts and jacks, including the Pilgrim Ringjack, to facilitate smooth assembly.

The Ringjack features robust construction and incorporates a high-pressure sealing system. Its compact design is suitable for mounting onto the bearing journal to provide axial movements for final positioning.

Innovative services and installation equipment

Our service offers include product and pre-scheduled maintenance training, site supervision and installation, on-site machining, spare parts, training kits, refurbishment, design studies supported by finite element analysis (FEA) and support documentation.

We provide a range of high-quality hydraulic power packs to assist in installation and removal of our products. Customers can select the right pump from a range of hand, air and electric-operated hydraulic pumps, along with the necessary piping and fittings for smooth operation.

About Pilgrim International

Pilgrim’s vision is to create a world of trouble-free connections to remove uncertainty for our clients by providing the best solutions through knowledge, design and quality.

Based in Greater Manchester, our company has more than 80 years of specialist experience and a highly knowledgeable and committed team to provide innovative high-quality engineering products and services worldwide.

We support clients across a wide range of sectors directly and through a network of regional agents, and are also accredited to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007

The company’s history goes back to the 1940s when the hydraulically installed Pilgrim Nut was invented to solve problems in maritime engineering with ship propeller installations. Our tradition of innovative engineering has helped Pilgrim to expand into power generation, renewables, oil and gas, metals and mining, among other sectors.