The Hydrophone GP1190 stands as a pinnacle of hydroacoustic engineering, meticulously designed to cater to a diverse array of applications demanding precision and versatility in underwater sound detection. As a preamplified omnidirectional hydrophone, it epitomizes excellence in underwater sensing technology, boasting a rich suite of features tailored to meet the exacting demands of professionals operating in marine environments.

Engineered to transcend conventional limitations, the GP1190 offers unparalleled sensitivity, serving as a vigilant sentinel in the depths, capable of detecting even the faintest underwater signals with remarkable clarity and precision. This heightened sensitivity empowers researchers, engineers, and marine biologists to delve into the intricate nuances of aquatic soundscapes, capturing the subtlest acoustic signatures with unprecedented fidelity.

Furthermore, the GP1190 distinguishes itself with its remarkably low noise profile, ensuring pristine signal integrity even in the presence of challenging ambient conditions. This low-noise floor enables users to extract meaningful data from their recordings, facilitating accurate analysis and interpretation across a broad spectrum of underwater environments.

With a working band extending up to 170 kHz, the GP1190 transcends traditional boundaries, venturing into the ultrasonic realm with confidence and poise. This expansive frequency range unlocks a wealth of opportunities for researchers and practitioners, enabling exploration and analysis of high-frequency phenomena previously inaccessible with conventional hydrophone technology.

The hydrophone’s dual output functionality, offering both single-ended and differential outputs, enhances versatility and compatibility with various recording and analysis setups, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows. Additionally, a calibration input facilitates precise calibration procedures, enabling users to maintain the hydrophone’s optimal performance over time with ease and confidence.

Crafted from materials of the highest quality, the GP1190 embodies durability and reliability, capable of withstanding the rigours of extended deployments in harsh marine environments. The inclusion of a robust metal shell connector further enhances durability, providing a secure and dependable interface for seamless connectivity in demanding operational scenarios.

In summary, the Hydrophone GP1190 represents a paradigm shift in underwater sensing technology, combining exceptional sensitivity, low noise performance, and an expansive frequency range to deliver unparalleled performance in the marine domain. Whether deployed for scientific research, environmental monitoring, or industrial applications, the GP1190 stands as a testament to precision engineering and innovation, empowering users to explore, analyze, and understand the intricate symphony of sounds beneath the waves.