The Hydrophone Projector TD0190 by Colmar stands as a beacon of excellence in underwater sensing and communication technology, offering unparalleled versatility and performance across a diverse range of applications. Engineered to excel in both reception and transmission tasks, this high-frequency spherical hydrophone/projector represents a pinnacle of innovation, empowering researchers, engineers, and marine professionals to unlock the mysteries of the underwater world with unprecedented clarity and precision.

At the heart of its design lies a commitment to versatility, with the TD0190 offering a wide frequency bandwidth of up to 170 kHz. Whether deployed as a receiver or a transmitter, this hydrophone/projector delivers exceptional performance across a broad spectrum of frequencies, enabling users to capture and transmit underwater signals with remarkable fidelity.

As a receiver, the TD0190 boasts a frequency usable range from 5Hz to 170kHz, ensuring comprehensive coverage of underwater soundscapes. To optimize performance, a pre-amplifier is recommended to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio and mitigate cable attenuation, ensuring pristine signal integrity even in challenging underwater environments.

In its role as a transmitter, the TD0190 offers an omnidirectional pattern over the transmission resonant frequency bandwidth, providing uniform coverage and reliable signal propagation in all directions. Whether used for acoustic communication, navigation, or environmental monitoring, this hydrophone/projector serves as a steadfast emissary beneath the waves, facilitating seamless communication and data transmission in the marine domain.

Moreover, the TD0190 is suitable for both tank and free field calibrations, ensuring accuracy and reliability in a variety of testing environments. This versatility enables users to calibrate the hydrophone/projector to their specific requirements, guaranteeing precise and consistent performance in their research and operational endeavours.

Designed to withstand the harsh realities of the underwater environment, the TD0190 features sensitivity unaffected by hydrostatic pressure down to the recommended depth. This robust construction ensures reliable operation even at significant depths, empowering users to explore the depths of the ocean with confidence and assurance.

Furthermore, the TD0190 offers customizable options for cable length and connector type, providing flexibility to accommodate a variety of deployment scenarios and integration requirements. Whether deployed from a stationary platform or mounted on a mobile vehicle, users can tailor the TD0190 to meet their unique needs with ease and precision.

In summary, the Hydrophone Projector TD0190 represents a pinnacle of excellence in underwater sensing and communication technology, combining versatility, reliability, and precision to meet the diverse needs of marine research, exploration, and industry. With its wide frequency bandwidth, robust construction, and customizable features, the TD0190 stands as a trusted companion for unlocking the secrets of the underwater world and advancing our understanding of the ocean’s depths.