MCU Topcoat

Many projects will warrant or demand a three-coat system, where intermediates such as MCU Mastic or MCU Miomastic are applicable. Following recent third-party laboratory testing, MCU is certified and approved by ISO 12944 C5M and C5I for a two-coat system of MCU Miozinc and MCU Topcoat at 200mi DFT, which is generally unheard of in the industry.

Other test approvals include NORSOK, Shell Oil, Potable Drinking Water, Direct to Food Contact and Exxon.

The long-life of the MCU coatings reduces the impact on the environment two-fold; by less critical surface preparation and by longer duration life, which eliminates the need for full removal blasting and recoating in shorter periods as typically seen in severe areas of five to seven years. This not only saves time and money, but also the environment. Make your company a greener company with MCU Coatings.