MCU Coatings

MCU Coatings is one of the world’s largest developers and manufacturers of high-performance protective, corrosion-resistant coatings. We specialise in long-life asset protection, virtually free of premature failures with solutions based on a single component moisture cure urethane (MCU) or polyurea technology. This offers exceptional performance for onshore and offshore marine environments, as well as refineries, gas plants and chemical plants. In addition to superior corrosion resistance, these products have extraordinary resistance to atmospheric chemicals, abrasion and impact.

These products cure with traces of humidity and work in applications of up to 99% relative humidity (RH). They can be subjected to fast immersion, rain and condensate without curing problems. Their single-component design means no mixing errors and less product handling. MCU products offer fast cure and reduced overcoat time when required.

Surface-tolerant coatings

MCU Coatings primers are surface tolerant (ST) and can be applied onto light flash rust. We have developed the world’s first ST zinc-rich primer and the long-life performance is compatible with either ST3 (SP3) power tool or SA 2 (SP6) commercial abrasive blast surface preparation. SA 2.5 (SP 10) is not required. The primers include both zinc-rich and aluminium penetrating types.

MCU Miozinc applied on vessel deck for flash rust.
MCU-fitted Hoegh Trubador ballast tank, with no corrosion or breakdown after five years’ service.
MCU system on a Mearsk super crane feeder (left) after three years, compared with the colour loss of a standard two-component system.
MCU coatings have been applied for the maintenance of Port Salalah, Oman.
Our coatings were chosen for their high-performance features, ease of application and cost savings.
We supplied MCU Miozinc, MCU Miomastic and MCU Topcoat to the Port Salalah project.
Buried pipelines expansion project in India, 2010, for the owner ONGC.
The India project involved overcoating of the two-year-old existing coating.
Renovation of LNG tanks in Oran, Algeria.
Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company reports seven years of perfect operation since installing MCU systems at its Bahrain plant.

Thin-film technology for harsh offshore environments

Our coatings offer a closed film with less dry film thickness (DFT) compared with epoxy coatings. Therefore we consider this thin-film technology. A typical system with three coats is 225-250 DFT while a two-coat system is typically 200 DFT. Recent testing for ISO C5M (severe marine environment) showed the same or better results with a two-coat system as a three-coat system.

Time-saving coatings for extreme temperatures

MCU Coatings’ projects can be completed with 25%-50% time savings, compared with typical epoxy / polyurethane systems. Surface preparation and steel profile requirement is typically 30mi and ST3. Single-component MCU technology offers many advantages with fewer restrictions. There are fewer products to handle, which means no mixing errors. MCU coatings are applicable in substrate temperatures as low as -15°C and as high as 100°C. Two or three coats can be easily applied in one day.

Hard-wearing and flexible coatings

Fewer application restrictions bring fewer coating failures. While these coatings feature extremely hard finishes and offer superior impact and abrasion resistance, they also remain flexible. This is key as the system maintains an excellent adhesion to the substrate during its long life and will not become brittle. There is no dew point or humidity restriction, as long as the surface is not beyond ‘damp’.

Corrosion-resistant coatings

Extensive testing and more than 25 years’ field application and performance evaluation have proven that MCU coatings outperform the best-performing commonly used systems, including inorganic zincs, epoxies, coal tar epoxies and lead-based primers. Initial major project field rehabs now close to 30 years’ operation show less than 1% corrosion.

Chemical and UV-resistant finishes

The proprietary polyurea resin technology is extremely resistant to harsh chemical spill and splash, as well as all atmospheric gases, including alkali or acidic. The finish coats contain 100% aliphatic polyurea resins as opposed to the 20%-30% content of two-part polyurethane. They also benefit from increased colour and gloss-retention, as well as longer protection against harsh chemicals and UV exposure.

Long-life protection of offshore assets

MCU Coatings’ founders have been developing innovative quality MCUs since 1983. Projects have been completed worldwide in all industries and in all climates with proven success. Owners receive long-life asset protection with minimal maintenance and contractors enjoy on-time completion with on-hand solutions. We are pleased to cooperate on any project and have competent technical staff to assist with project recommendations and specifications. For further information on how our products can benefit your facility or project, please contact us using the enquiry form.