Field application equipment

IntelliCOAT™ represents the next generation of field-application equipment and is now ready for use with the complete range of Canusa-CPS heat-shrinkable sleeves.

IntelliCOAT™ was developed by Canusa-CPS’s experienced technical personnel and provides significant benefits to contractors and clients by incorporating decades of coatings and field experience into the system design. Canusa-CPS is now able to offer a complete package including leading coating solutions that can be field-applied using an automated process.


IntelliCOAT™ allows the finished pipeline asset to benefit from a seamless anti-corrosion system with factory grade quality for the entire length of the pipeline, with no compromise on the field joints. Programmable control systems allow a project-specific recipe to be developed for each and every unique project – qualified in advance of construction and then put into practice.


IntelliCOAT™ offers contractors and clients the unique opportunity to have each and every heat-shrinkable sleeve applied in an identical manner – with heating intensity, time and sequence all tightly controlled. Operators simply lower IntelliCOAT™ onto the pre-positioned sleeve, and the system takes care of the rest, minimizing all possible sources of variation.


The use of IntelliCOAT™ allows the contractor to precisely forecast the daily production of field joints, without reliance on operators to conduct any labour-intensive work steps. The application time per joint is pre-set at the qualification stage so production can proceed on schedule.

Project execution

The IntelliCOAT™ system can be operated by trained and experienced Canusa-CPS personnel as part of a turnkey solution or supplied as part of a lease package, with our supervisory staff, to be operated by the contractor, to suit the intended pipeline construction scheme. The overall benefits of quality, consistency, productivity and safety are all achieved through use of the IntelliCOAT™ system.