Geoquip supplies turnkey offshore geotechnical and geophysical investigations, from the investigation planning stage to the delivery of an integrated engineering and geophysical report.

Geoquip operates five offshore drilling/geophysical spreads and a nearshore spread, which provide investigation coverage from the surf zone to a water depth of 3,000m. In addition to the fully compensated drilling systems, which are permanently mobilised on our vessels, we offer mobile compensated drilling systems, seabed operated systems (CPTs, vibrocorers, rock corers) and cable operated systems (drop corer, box cores, in-hole loggers), all of which can be deployed from our own vessels or from vessels of opportunity.

Geoquip and its founders have been at the forefront of offshore investigations for over 30 years and during this time have developed, designed, manufactured and operated much of the specialised equipment we use. The driving factor has been to develop equipment that acquires quality data quickly and efficiently. We are one of the few companies worldwide to provide fully heave compensated systems (the GMTR120 has a 6m compensation range) with downhole piston/push sampling, SPT, PCPT, Seismic PCPT and the only company to provide offshore wireline coring techniques to minimise vessel time. We have also developed the only hydraulic driven hard tie system to ensure optimum control at the drill bit which determines sample quality and recovery.

At the end of the day confidence in data enables engineers to optimise their foundation design producing savings that are many factors higher than the cost of a good site investigation.