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Geotechnical Engineering and Offshore Site Investigations

Geoquip Marine is a geotechnical data acquisition company.

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Geoquip Marine is a geotechnical data acquisition company. It provides offshore and nearshore site investigations, geophysical surveys and engineering services to oil and gas and renewable energy industries, as well as infrastructure developers, and government and research organisations.

Turnkey offshore geotechnical site investigations

Geoquip Marine is a specialist offshore geotechnics service provider, primarily focusing on heave compensated drilling, sampling and in-situ testing.

Its experienced crew and on-board geotechnical engineers, as well as its wide range of equipment, provide site investigation management services. Reliable parameters and information is provided to support offshore projects through the delivery of core samples and accurate seabed data.

The Dina Polaris.
The MV Investigator
Geoquip Speer + GMR302.
The Geoquip Saentis.
The Poseidon
Automated Tool Handler.
Geotechnical Drilling Rig GMR600.
Geoquip Marine offers a number of seabed equipment spreads including two 200kN seabed PCPTs - designed for use in ultra deep water.
The cones Geoquip Marine use with their PCPT tools are industry-standard 5cm² and 10cm² cones and have a maximum tip resistance of 100MPa.
A fully equipped on board soils laboratory allows technicians and geotechnical engineers to determine soil classification and strength parameters offshore during fieldwork operations and enables our engineers to make real-time engineering decisions thus optimising borehole penetration depth and fieldwork duration.

The company reduces site investigation time by operating down-hole test equipment with wireline systems and seabed operated systems that can be quickly deployed in deep or shallow waters.

In conjunction with an experienced team, Geoquip Marine can safely operate in adverse offshore waters, enabling precise geotechnical data collection in any location, regardless of unexpected conditions, budget or time frame. Results can be rapidly delivered from Geoquip’s on-board geotechnical laboratory, or provided in real-time.

Offshore data interpretation services for geotechnical investigations

Geoquip provides data interpretation and engineering services. Its experienced team allows for risk assessment and a clear understanding of sub-seabed characteristics in preparation for offshore projects.  All offshore spreads are equipped with a soils laboratory, catering for any type of geotechnical investigation, be it for an oil and gas platform, wind turbine generator, suction anchor or any other form of offshore foundation.

Accurate offshore data analysis and flexible reporting can be tailored around the requirements of a given project. Geotechnical engineers in the field supply near real-time analysis of data retrieved during a site investigation. As well as in-situ test results, Geoquip provides laboratory analysis of recovered samples.

Offshore engineering for oil and gas project planning

Proficient geotechnical engineers and geologists are capable of providing desktop studies, site characteristic and parameterisations, testing management and scheduling services, design parameters for offshore foundations, and in-depth engineering analysis and reporting.

Geoquip has provided offshore project planning services for a number of industry areas, including:

  • Offshore wind farms: Site characterisation/parameterisation, geo-hazard assessments and in-situ shear wave interpretation
  • Jack-up emplacement: Leg penetration analysis, scour assessment, vertical-horizontal capacity check, pull-out resistance, liquefaction potential and geo-hazard assessment
  • Pipeline and cables: Burial risk assessments (of export pipeline or flowlines, export and inter-array cables), soil and pipeline/cable interaction, and liquefaction potential assessment

Extensive fleet of offshore vessels, rigs and testing equipment

Geoquip’s fleet of robust vessels each carry a suite of sampling and in-situ testing tools so that the correct equipment can be selected to optimise offshore site investigations and handle challenges such as unexpected soil conditions. The company’s vessel fleet includes:

  • MV Investigator + GMR300
  • Geoquip Speer + GMR302
  • Geoquip Saentis + GMR600
  • Dina Polaris + GMTR120
  • Poseidon-1 + GMTR150

Geoquip Marine is at the forefront of deepwater drilling developments for offshore geotechnical purposes. Its drilling rig fleet includes:

  • GMRJ50 Jack-up Drill Rig
  • GMR300 Drill Rig
  • GMR302 Drill Rig
  • GMR600 Drill Rig
  • GMTR120 Drill Rig
  • GMTR150 Drill Rig

Quality, health, safety and environment management for the offshore industry

Benefit from a world-class culture of safety that supports performance and ultimately the reliability of our geotechnical reports.

In a workplace environment where we operate heavy equipment in challenging offshore conditions, it’s paramount that the health and safety of our people remains our number one priority and is at the heart of all our decisions.

As well as being committed to the health and safety of all of our employees, we are also focused on the quality we deliver to our customers and minimising the impact of our work on the environment.  In addition to implementing policies and processes across our organisation, we have also demonstrated our commitment through our accreditation to these renowned international standards: ISO9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management and ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety.

Along with these certifications, all of our vessels have implemented the International Safety Management (ISM) code.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our sales team in St Gallen or our project management team in Bristol by phone or email, or by sending an enquiry through this page.

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