KCM 1000P On-demand Condition Monitoring allows users to fix problems on time, optimise maintenance costs and avoid surprises that lead to the inability to perform the major function of the site.

Kemostal Cloud Platform

  • True web platform to support on-demand condition monitoring strategy
  • Tools for easy vibration data collection
  • Network of knowledgeable and experienced experts to perform analysis
  • Condition monitoring built-in knowledge

Hundreds of pre-defined models and configurations for

  • Compressors, pumps and fans
  • Engines, electric motors, propulsion and thrusters
  • Gearbox, turbines and turbo chargers
  • And many more

KCM 1000P technical specification

  • 2 KHz
  • Sensor: ICP Accelerometer with 100 mV/g
  • Sampling rate 44.1 KHz
  • Time signal 3 sec
  • Memory 4 GB ( about 10 000 measurements)
  • Data transfer size 388 KB per point
  • Available plots today in Kemostal cloud:
  • Spectrum Velocity in mm/s RMS 0-1000 Hz, 1600 Lines 4 averages
  • Spectrum Acceleration in g Peak 0-12000 Hz, 15200 Lines, no averages
  • Spectrum Enveloping in sE0-2000 Hz, 3200 Lines (AUG-18)
  • Communication: WiFi
  • Required Communication port: Mobile phone to establish a HotSpot
  • Measurement time per point near 10 sec (including scan, settling and storing)
  • Above 1000 measurements without charging
  • Data transfer in background mode
  • IP65