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Vapour Recovery Unit Compressor Packages for the Offshore Industry

Kemostal has extensive experience in designing and implementing customised compressor packages for oil and gas, chemical process, and industrial gas companies throughout the world.

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Kemostal has extensive experience in designing and implementing customised compressor packages for oil and gas, chemical process, and industrial gas companies throughout the world.

Our process technology will improve your plant / rig / FPSO’s availability and your process will benefit from our long experience in designing and building vapour recovery units (VRU) / mechanical vapor recovery (MVR) packages.

Systems can be designed and installed in new-build projects or in any type of redevelopment programme, to reduce your flaring and/or save energy costs. A compressor package from Kemostal will improve your TBO compared to other similar solution providers.

Vapour Recovery Unit in acoustic enclosure.
VRU for FSO.
Detail picture from VRU for FSO.

VRU / MVR packages for fixed and floating offshore facilities

Kemostal VRU, MVR or other high-spec packages for HC gas are suitable for fixed and floating facilities, including semi-submersible platforms, FPSOs, FDPSOs and refineries:

  • VRUs can be equipped with PD blowers, liquid ring compressors or process gas fans
  • MVR applications for steam or saturated process gases
  • High-spec blower packages for high-temperature, explosive, corrosive, abrasive or elevated pressures, handled with single-stage, barrel design blowers or multi-stage packages depending on application
  • Meeting your toughest requirements for noise reduction, redundancy, TBO and operation
  • Skilled and experienced senior service engineers capable of handling trouble shooting, process-related issues as well as regular maintenance actions offshore
  • Service in-house, on site, commissioning and start-up

Customised VRU / MVR packages

Our customised solutions fulfil our customers’ application needs and we continually develop new solutions to provide cost-efficient and problem-free operation – even during difficult operating conditions.

We work mainly within the types of positive displacement technologies described below, with the following design options:

  • Single and multistage configurations
  • Variable flow control
  • Gas tight, oil-free gas transport
  • Screw-type also in oil injected versions and lobe type with water injection, when applicable
  • ATEX, other regulations and standards applied
  • Cast iron as standard material, alternatives in ductile iron or various grades of steel and stainless steel
  • Oil micro cleaning systems for long total benefit of ownership (TBO) and increased lifetime of equipment and affected parts

Lining of blowers for highly corrosive environments

In certain applications, where neither standard nor exotic material machines can be used, we have developed a method of lining which allows us to solve applications that are otherwise not possible to solve.

Different types of materials can be applied depending on application requirements. We have worked with, for example, 316L, Hastelloy C286, titanium, aluminum bronze and Halar.

Oil maintenance system for cleaning of bearings and seals

Kemostal’s lube system has proven a track record of extending the operating lifetime of bearings and seals in gearboxes and other rotating equipment, as well as lubricated pistons and o-ring sealing systems.

It is an environmentally friendly and economic oil maintenance system for side stream installation and is intended for cleaning of different types of oil. The system is also suitable for special purpose and synthetic lubricants, and effectively cleans oil from debris, particles, oxidation residue and water. Cleaning at <0.1μm can be achieved.

System advantages include:

  • Extended lubricant lifetime
  • Prolonged operational lifetime of system components
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Better maintenance economy with less production loss / stand-stills savings in related maintenance
  • Can be retrofitted on existing equipment

Blower and compressor unit service and spare parts

Our service team travels to various parts of the world where our systems are installed. We also have a fully equipped workshop for in-house repairs and revamping.

General spares are kept in stock and strategic spares can be stored on our clients’ behalf at our facilities in Gothenburg, Sweden, for quick worldwide distribution by our spares and logistics department.

Industry references for blowers and compressor units

Kemostal has supplied hundreds of blower and compressor units since 1991, and is an approved vendors to many multinational companies throughout the world. Our specialities within providing special solutions that decrease our clients’ overall service and maintenance costs have made us a market leader in certain segments. We strive to become a market leader in further areas.

White Papers

  • Corrosion-Resistant Lining Materials for Blowing Devices

    Process blower units are often exposed to harsh environments and corrosive substances, and therefore it is important to construct any parts of the device regularly exposed to gas in a corrosion-resistant material to prolong the service-life of the system.


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