Keder roof system

Layher offers the Keder Roof System for small and medium-sized gaps.

The system is a comprehensive, lightweight and economical weather protection solution, which can be quickly assembled without using crane.

It can be used throughout construction as an asymmetrical, mono-pitch or double-pitch roof, as well as being suitable for refurbishments or to safeguard stage areas or grandstands.

Benefits of the Keder Roof System include:

  • Claw connection assembly: ensures that only a small number of components are required and assembly is swift
  • Cost-efficient: a minimal number of building parts for trusses and bracing minimizes costs
  • Compatibility: the Layher Keder Roof System is compatible with both the Allround and SpeedyScaf scaffolding solutions
  • Varied building form: the roof system can be either a gable or shed roof, making it useful in a range of applications