Layher North America

Layher North America is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, integrated, modular scaffolding systems for a wide range of applications such as roofing, private / public access and bridging. The company specializes in access systems for industrial and commercial construction, in addition to the oil and energy industries.

Multipurpose scaffolding systems

Layher’s modular scaffolding systems and products are designed to provide an efficient, profitable and secure solution. Its scaffolding products are made of steel and are high-grade hot-dip galvanized, which makes them maintenance-free and suitable for heavy-duty scaffolding structures.

Layher supplies a variety of scaffolding systems, including:

  • Allround System Scaffolding
  • SpeedyScaf Frame Scaffolding
  • Protective Roof Systems
  • Heavy-duty Shoring

Stairway towers for temporary access

Layher North America offers a full range of stairway solutions for temporary access, which vary from internal access to stairway towers for public use, in addition to a comprehensive selection of specific application stairway solutions.

Layher North America specialises in modular scaffolding systems for construction projects in offshore and onshore industries.
The company manufactures a range of roofing systems.
Layher’s stairway towers are available with ten, 12 or 16 legs.
Layher’s systems also provide weather protection to enable clients to complete construction projects.
The company also supplies a number of components such as guardrails, clampers and anchors.

Layher’s stairwell towers are built using the company’s Allround® scaffolding system, diagonals, decks, ledgers and various components such as deck locking clamps, handrails and stairway stringers.

All stair systems by Layher meet US safety regulations.

Scaffolding accessories and modular components

Layher’s wide range of scaffolding accessories and components revolves around well-engineered, modular inter-functionality. The intelligent system technology and design maximizes its flexibility, minimizes planning costs and provides fast and easy assembly without expensive changes, so large-scale projects can be economically completed.

Layher’s scaffolding accessories include:

  • Advance guardrails
  • Anchors, castors, hardware and jacks
  • Clampable rosette
  • Console brackets, couplers and scaffold tubes
  • Edge-protection railing clamps
  • Steel-toe boards
  • Telescopic decks, guardrails and stabilizers

Engineering and project planning services

In addition to scaffolding systems, Layher provides support and engineering services, which are completed in a fast turnaround time.

Lahyer offers its clients a range of services, including:

  • Logistical analysis
  • Onsite training and management
  • Planning and estimation services
  • Project consultation
  • Software solutions
  • Technical support

About Layher

As a pioneer of integrated scaffolding systems, Layher has continued to keep up with the latest industry engineering advances and product developments for more than 65 years.

Layher’s wide range of easy-to-assemble, high-quality scaffolding products are amongst the most reliable and safe solutions on the market.

Made in Germany, Layher scaffolding systems are built to comply with the exacting standards in the industry and the company is the official scaffolding supplier in North America.

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