offshore maintenance

ROSEN recognises that achieving an optimal flow rate is the single most important aspect of efficient pipeline operations. The buildup of debris, wax or liquids can restrict flow.

However, if excessive liquids or wax are removed too quickly, the sudden absence of debris can cause the system to trip.

In addition, debris and liquids can prevent successful inspections and encourage corrosion damage, limiting the safe operating life.

The costs of loss of production, repair, and rehabilitation are substantial, particularly for offshore systems. Therefore, an effective cleaning program is crucial for maintaining pipeline efficiency and integrity.

We combine state-of-the-art flow modeling with decades of practical experience to help operators develop exactly those programmes and strategies that are best suited for their specific purposes.

Our high-performance equipment can be combined with several technologies that ensure the tool travels at ideal cleaning velocity, even in multi-diameter pipelines or pipelines requiring bidirectional run capacity.

This way, operators can be sure that every run delivers excellent results, thereby enabling optimal flow, i.e. maximum throughput.

Our customisable cleaning solutions comprise cup and disc tools that can be fitted with an array of cleaning support elements, including but not limited to:

  • Brushes
  • Magnets
  • Descaling and dewaxing equipment
  • Smart geometric gauging and bend detection technologies.

Moreover, in a proactive approach to maintenance, we offer cleaning services that collect valuable data regarding the type, volume or nature of debris removed, and catalogue it for future use.

This provides operators with tangible information on the effectiveness of the cleaning programme or the feasibility of a subsequent inline inspection.