rosen offshore projects

The ROSEN Group is an industry leader in the provision of cutting-edge solutions and services designed to support all areas of the global offshore industry’s integrity process chain.

Our continued focus on delivering innovation and expertise, as well as our dedication to providing high-quality solutions that address customers’ specific needs have all contributed to our unique success story and reputation as highly trusted service provider.

Personalised integrity management solutions for marine platforms

ROSEN was initially established as a one-man enterprise in 1981 and has since grown into an internationally recognised asset care specialist, employing a team of over 3,000 workers and operating in more than 120 countries worldwide.

We are able to provide key support throughout the project lifecycle to facilitate optimum performance and efficiency in accordance with clients’ unique specifications and requirements.

ROSEN Group‘s Innovation Center situated in Lingen, Germany.
ROSEN Group carried out an extensive inspection of the Nord Stream Pipeline in 2013.
ROSEN Group possesses outstanding capacities in Research and Development (R&D).
ROSEN Group’s 12-UT Tool for corrosion inspection of flow lines in Nigeria.
ROSEN Group’s RoCombo MFL-A/XT unit conducted an inspection of a 26 multiphase offshore pipeline in Trinidad Tobago.

ROSEN’s wide-ranging expertise covers the inspection of key assets and infrastructure to verify stability and ensure smooth, effective operation, in addition to a comprehensive array of bespoke engineering consultancy services for efficient and reliable asset management.

We also conduct state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) activities in order to devise ‘added value’ products and services, as well as design, fabricate and supply bespoke systems and products for various marine applications.

Planning, inspection and maintenance services for critical offshore assets

ROSEN’s portfolio of asset care solutions are designed to protect the integrity of clients’ subsea infrastructure and facilitate consistently high-quality performance.

We offer a wide range of sophisticated planning, inspection, maintenance and monitoring services to provide a clear understanding of an asset’s current and predicted future condition, which also allow us to perform the most effective preventative and corrective actions to ensure the continued safety, sustainability and reliability of customers’ operations.

All of our solutions can be applied at any time, though a typical strategy involves the application of a series of detailed system audits and / or risk-based analysis processes in order to devise a personalised asset integrity management (AIM) plan for clients’ specific infrastructure and operational requirements.

Our comprehensive external and internal inspection services are then able to offer accurate and reliable information regarding the asset’s condition, which in turn allows us to develop a unique, effective and cost-efficient maintenance programme.

The precise information gathered during inspection and maintenance works also allows us to carry out targeted monitoring activities to ensure assets are well-maintained and able to deliver dependably excellent results for the duration of the project lifecycle.

Market-driven research and development (R&D) for marine applications

The ROSEN Group is committed to continually improving its portfolio of products and services, and the company’s dedicated technology centres are constantly undertaking topical, market-driven research projects to broaden the scope of its operations and develop new solutions.

Our excellent R&D capabilities also allow us to carry out custom technology projects at the request of customers in order to address their own unique and unusual operational needs.

Professional training and competency programmes for offshore worksites

ROSEN offers a range of training and qualification programmes that are designed to equip clients’ personnel with key marine sector knowledge and expertise, allowing them to manage aging assets safely and responsibly, while ensuring adherence to the latest industry standards and regulations.

We provide high-quality, well-structures learning programmes that have been carefully developed by qualified practitioners based on decades of hands-on experience in the oil and gas industry, enabling vital competencies to be passed on to subsequent generations of on-site staff.

ROSEN’s training courses combine the acquisition of key skills and subject knowledge with valuable practical experience, and all qualifications are certified by a dedicated panel of industry leading figures with strong ties to educational institutions.

Digital solutions for effective integrity management of offshore assets

Effective management decisions require reliable information based on precise, high-quality data. ROSEN’s digital integrity management solutions continually generate large amounts of data regarding the condition of clients’ assets, while important historical information is also available in multiple legacy formats when required.

We have collaborated with customers worldwide to design our unique and advanced integrity management software to ensure consistently effective results.

Our personnel possess extensive experience in the digitization, storage, alignment and manipulation of key asset data, enabling clients to optimize the efficiency and reliability of their engineering evaluations, risk assessments and planning operations.