Mast tye crane (MTC)

The MTC an offshore crane with rope luffing system and lattice boom, has a non-metallic slew bearing and is based on the kingpost principle. This type of crane is available in different sizes and lifting capacities up to 150t. The maximum boom length for this crane is 72m and is suitable for both floating and fixed applications offshore.

The crane can be driven electro-hydraulically or diesel-hydraulically and is used chiefly in the area of oil and gas extraction. Explosion-proof systems are available. The hydraulic system is of a closed type technology with individual circuits for each crane function.


  • Overturning moment: from 1,900tm to 6,000tm
  • Main hoist capacity: from 15t to 150t
  • Boom length: from 30m to 72m
  • Slewing range: 360° unlimited
  • Drive system: electro or diesel-hydraulic